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I suggest you read the report.

Numerous rules were not followed, numerous actions, while wrong, broke no rules.

Much can be defended as you describe and, in fact, has.

The real investigation is Durham's.


Like I've been saying for two years.

The IG looks into compliance with internal procedures, rules and regulations.

Sometimes (as in the latest report) it finds that rules are insufficient, unclear or non-existent.

It is not the IG's job to conduct criminal investigations.

Did you catch this?

Graham says the FBI investigation became a criminal enterprise.

Stay tuned.

Last night, twelve cops came to arrest the homeless lunatic trying to break into my house.

Four of the cops were morbidly obese, and one was a female midget.

They couldn't find the lunatic, so I had to tell them to go up on the porch WHERE SHE WAS STANDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Leftism created homeless lunatics.

Leftism created incompetent cops.

Leftism creates environmental catastrophe.


But you know what's important?

The ethnicity--whatever it is--of the Trump supporter.

Trump appeals to all AMERICANS who want improvement.

We finally have that colorblind society that MLK envisioned. Trump isn't a flash in the pan or a fad.

He's the agent of tectonic societal change.

That toothless creature is a relic of the past.

THIS phase is transitional.

In the future, we'll become an even more cohesive society.

Trump has eliminated the concept of "trespassing."

NOW, people of any background can be together, and all we see is commonality.

This is only the beginning.

Things will get even better, as Trump promises.



On the inability to see the long game.

Caroline Glick is very smart but very blind.

She also doesn't have her facts straight.

Trump and the Saudis understand that Israel and the Palestinians are locked in a permanent dance of death.

So the Saudis and Trump have as their goal ONE EVENT that will change the dynamics forever.

Attacking Iran in retaliation for the mullahs' own attacks will simply create the same dynamic that exists between Israel and the Palestinians.

Regime change in Iran is the only answer.

But the Iranian people are in the driver's seat. THEY decide when.


(3) Never mind that Free Markets in Free Societies have done more to advance the well-being of more people than any other system ever devised.

Never mind that Socialist remedies have caused more death, hunger and devastation than any other system ever.

You're a heartless monster if you don't surrender.

So remember this, if you remember nothing else from me:

When politicians appeal to feelings rather than Reason...RUN

Run for the woods and don't look back. You are about to get screwed



For @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis

I've been working on a memoir that keeps taking turns that I never expected.

None of it is good, but it's good to KNOW.

Growing up, it was hard for me to make attachments.

Now I don't want them.


On Judas goats.

Somebody asked me to summarize so that they could tell people on Twitter.

Just copy and paste these toots and writer your own thread on Twitter.


Just remember:

Things are not as they seem.

And they never were.

Here's what I'm tired of reading:




I never add my thoughts or comments. In this period, people need to think for themselves.

You're going to be in a world of hurt if you don't stop looking to others for how to think.


It's all being done deliberately.

Leftists always overreach.

Trump is just speeding it up.

No gore in this video.

NEVER confront strangers.

NEVER let them get close.

NEVER turn your back on them.


Trump versus the entire Democratic party and the press.

They don't have a chance.


Still a tie of sorts. Asshole Ganz got two more seats than Netanyahu, but short of a majority.

Still he will be asked to form a government first. A cretin who supported the deal with Iran, wants to negotiate with terrorists and blames Israel for Hamas rocket attacks...go figure.

The balance is in the hands of Lieberman, who could push either over the needed 61.

A former ally of Likud who does not want religious parties in the coalition.

A royal mess leading to yet another election

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