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Al Green is set to launch a fresh bid to impeach President Trump in the wake of inflammatory comments over the weekend.

"I will again, this month, bring impeachment to a vote on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives for bigotry in policy, harmful to our society. ," the Texas Democrat tweeted.


Trump has successfully goaded the Democrats into robbing the term "impeachment" of all meaning.

Now every sane person is laughing.


These pathetic DUMBASSES are telling the country that Trump must be impeached over TWEETS.

The Democrats are toast.

@REX I watched this spectacle and thought that Nancy's jaw must have hit the floor realizing that SHE and her appeasement apparatus have created these child-monsters. To get these idiots on national television saying for ALL the US to see what their actual platform is and how much they hate this president, going so far as stating proven lies as fact, was brilliant on Trump's part. Gotta thank the Judas Goats involved because I am sure they PUSHED them to do this presser. Brilliant!


Someone inside advised them it was a good idea. Thomas @ThomasWic has been all over this.


I've lost count of how many times I've been doxxed.

People know that if they show up here, they die.

Simple as that.

@hejoural @wziminer @Cdubois @JM

Omar's actions speak far more honestly than her lying words. She's caught! There's no getting out of her spewing anti-American, anti-Semitic, anti-GOP bile. Comments anyone other than thank God for Donald J. Trump whose fighting for the USA 24/7.


It’s great to read something funny! Thanks for posting. 😂🤣


@cshores8 @ThomasWic

Thanks Craig, honestly I do. I think seeing them and hearing all of the slime at the same time, to have to hear about Trump's lies just wears you down. Okay now, as Thomas says, "All is well."

If you still have a twatter account, vote in this poll. There is one hour left. It wants to know if you think Trump is racist. The score is 50-50

Another satirical murder.

Here's what the murderer wrote that isn't reported in this article:

"Sorry f*ckers, you’re gonna have to find somebody else to orbit. Remember to subscribe to Pewdiepie. Should be a few articles within a days. Have fun."

We're going to have to shut down all these forums. Now there's no doubt.

Her statement is about as racist as one can get. Saying that you have to think and act a certain way just because of the color of your skin? She just insulted all independent thinkers, who don't vote Democrat.


It makes the Democrats far less likely to win elections.

Pelosi fell into Trump's trap.

Now the Democrats must embrace the Smiling Somali and her ilk.

Polling shows that the voters view AOC as the face of party, and AOC has a 22 percent favorability rate.

The Smiling Somali has a 9 percent favorability rate.

Trump just goaded Pelosi into alienating all sane Americans.


Totally agree, Billie! He's got nothing to lose and cannot be bought. Huge brass ones.


Thank you for posting this. So proud to finally have a president with a spine and not back down like most R's have done for decades.


I started reading Wictor when I joined twatter to follow then candidate Trump in Oct '16.

I have to say that his writing has directly affected my life in that I am much calmer when focusing on the political realm.

His writings on the Middle East changed my thinking on Saudi Arabia for the better and I now have people I consider friends in the Mideast.

Mr Wictor's writings have been invaluable in my life

And I'm grateful to Mr Saul for creating this place for us.


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