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Look how delusional leftists are.

Hillary's former advisor says right out that the voters are too stupid to choose wisely, and the democratic socialists say that the way to help the middle class is to strip away everything they've gained under Trump.

Neither side can perceive the appeal of Trump, so they have no idea how to defeat him.

They've already lost the November election.

The Nebraskan belly dancing tornado went through cornfields but missed the diner.

People ask how anyone could live in California with the earthquakes.

Well, they don't happen EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

It was the Democrats who chased me out.

Democrats are far more destructive than earthquakes and tornados.


Trump is inoculating the Republicans against the fallout of destroying the Democratic party.

Politicians all love each other, so Trump has to make sure that the Republicans have plausible denial.

"Hey, you told us we couldn't coordinate with the White House. If you'd let us coordinate, this wouldn't have happened. Blame yourselves."

I keep telling you that Trump is 5000 steps ahead.

Now I can see the plan in its entirety.

The Democrats are beyond screwed.

They're dead.



Nobody sees this coming.

So yes, the media will also be destroyed.

Trump's second term will be amazing.

He won't have any limits.

In most ways, he hasn't even gotten started yet.

Think about THAT.


My own niche in life is to learn what happened.

So I investigate.

It doesn't bring peace of mind. That isn't possible.

But knowledge is power, even if the knowledge is hard to take.

You eventually accommodate it.

Delving into everything gave me the ability to sense what's coming. I'm not always right, but I'm more right than wrong.

@JM @wziminer

This is way more than Brexit.

It is a resounding rejection of national-socialism, antisemitism and the politics of division and hatred pushed by the left.

This is a dress rehearsal for US 2020.

Trump simply adapted his business OPSEC (operations security) to politics.

And that's why he wins.

Politics is child's play compared to commercial real state.



For @Dawnz

You asked, "Barium meal? Traps?..I'm confused, lol, how did that work?"

A "barium meal" is a counter-espionage tactic.

It's named after a medical procedure used to test whether or not your digestive system is healthy.

Every president has been plagued by leaks of classified information.

Every president except for Trump.

He PLANTS stories about how he's confused, hysterical, and failing.

The press eats them up without noticing that they haven't blown A SINGLE CLASSIFIED OPERATION.

The Trump administration is airtight.

@Baline @timr

I suggest you read the report.

Numerous rules were not followed, numerous actions, while wrong, broke no rules.

Much can be defended as you describe and, in fact, has.

The real investigation is Durham's.


Like I've been saying for two years.

The IG looks into compliance with internal procedures, rules and regulations.

Sometimes (as in the latest report) it finds that rules are insufficient, unclear or non-existent.

It is not the IG's job to conduct criminal investigations.

Did you catch this?

Graham says the FBI investigation became a criminal enterprise.

Stay tuned.

Last night, twelve cops came to arrest the homeless lunatic trying to break into my house.

Four of the cops were morbidly obese, and one was a female midget.

They couldn't find the lunatic, so I had to tell them to go up on the porch WHERE SHE WAS STANDING IN PLAIN SIGHT.

Leftism created homeless lunatics.

Leftism created incompetent cops.

Leftism creates environmental catastrophe.


But you know what's important?

The ethnicity--whatever it is--of the Trump supporter.

Trump appeals to all AMERICANS who want improvement.

We finally have that colorblind society that MLK envisioned. Trump isn't a flash in the pan or a fad.

He's the agent of tectonic societal change.

That toothless creature is a relic of the past.

THIS phase is transitional.

In the future, we'll become an even more cohesive society.

Trump has eliminated the concept of "trespassing."

NOW, people of any background can be together, and all we see is commonality.

This is only the beginning.

Things will get even better, as Trump promises.



On the inability to see the long game.

Caroline Glick is very smart but very blind.

She also doesn't have her facts straight.

Trump and the Saudis understand that Israel and the Palestinians are locked in a permanent dance of death.

So the Saudis and Trump have as their goal ONE EVENT that will change the dynamics forever.

Attacking Iran in retaliation for the mullahs' own attacks will simply create the same dynamic that exists between Israel and the Palestinians.

Regime change in Iran is the only answer.

But the Iranian people are in the driver's seat. THEY decide when.


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