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REMINDER: on 29 June, 2017 Rosenstein did sign the 2nd last FISA on Carter Page.

BUT he was NOT the AFFIANT (person who under oath swore to the FISA's truth).

Can't wait to find out who was.

Who will win the first Qlitzer Prize for Citizen Journalism?

Julian Assange indicted and the U.S. is seeking extradition. The DNC server was never hacked by Russians. Seth Rich stole the materials from the DNC with a flashdrive and was murdered for it. Then his MS-13 murderers were found nearby in their car dead. Never upset the Clinton's. He will be used to testify in U.S. prosecutions. BOOM!!!

We're proud to announce that #Halcyon has been bought by @facebook .We're looking forward to a cooperation which will bring advantages for both platforms.Let's make federated social media for the masses together!We thank everyone who went the long way with us.Nothing will change for you as a user except that we will abuse every action you do for advertising.Oh by the way ads will be introduced with the next release!Find out more here:

Release Mueller report and block release of FISA memo. You can't have it both ways.

All of the high level criminals are gearing up for hunkering down in New Zealand

James Clapper is sending out a Warning Flare that if he’s going down there will be a lot of others he intends to take with him—including a certain former President of the United States..

He emphasizes Obama’s personal involvement in the process from beginning to end.

This is a corrupt operative is clearly rattled by what may soon be coming his way…

Avenatti is controlled opposition, for purposes of taking down Nike and getting evidence against CNN.


If you let the political correctness police cow you, you are compromised

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.