I believe the persistent actions of the digital army are ushering in the beginnings of the .

Can we continue to operate as a leaderless force, thinking for ourselves, while improving society? I think so.

We do not have to all agree, up front, on a set of principles and methods for good things to continue happening. I believe that the outcome will be the same, regardless.


Look at this collectivist imbecile pretending to be MAGA...

"We will then be able to refine society further by implementing the appropriate regulations..."

Fucking Fascist.


Good. Then you won't mind getting the fuck off of this Digital Army.

I dislike propaganda, I suspect distraction, and I really, really despise little shit's trying to use this place to advance conspiracy theories and fraudulent canards.

There is no WE.

But! You believe the outcome will be the same, anyhow, so what the heck, go along and wait for the outcome while your account is silenced.

One more and it will be gone.

I warned you.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.