I took a stand in May 2019 that this site was as bad as Twitter with regard to trying to have civilized discussions about QAnon

I applaud @REX for taking a stand today

Any legitimate forum should allow diversity of opinions, including QAnon discussion

If you let the political correctness police cow you, you are compromised


Q is a lap followed by imbeciles and promoted by rascals.

Try this shit again, and you see what this "normie" (are you morons for real" thinks of lobotomized idiots using this platform for the promotion of fraud.

This is your last warning.


Good. Then you won't mind getting the fuck off of this Digital Army.

I dislike propaganda, I suspect distraction, and I really, really despise little shit's trying to use this place to advance conspiracy theories and fraudulent canards.

There is no WE.

But! You believe the outcome will be the same, anyhow, so what the heck, go along and wait for the outcome while your account is silenced.

One more and it will be gone.

I warned you.


Look at this collectivist imbecile pretending to be MAGA...

"We will then be able to refine society further by implementing the appropriate regulations..."

Fucking Fascist.

We will then be able to refine society further by implementing the appropriate regulations or removing the appropriate regulations, in a way to minimize our efforts and maximize the long term stability of society.

You are in a good cause. We, as the digital army, can make the last forever.

As we continue to chip away at corruption and refine our methods, and watch society improve, as we see the successful outcomes, we will start realizing patterns which will help us to anticipate societal problems before they occur.

I believe the persistent actions of the digital army are ushering in the beginnings of the .

Can we continue to operate as a leaderless force, thinking for ourselves, while improving society? I think so.

We do not have to all agree, up front, on a set of principles and methods for good things to continue happening. I believe that the outcome will be the same, regardless.

This digital army has common goals and can continue to do good for the world whether we hear from Q again or not. If Q wanted a sycophantic cult, would he have chosen this group of skeptical misfits?

Did Q anticipate the consequences of the continued operation of this worldwide united digital army beyond Q and Trump? I say yes.

Q has been able to collect the smart anonymous skeptical rebels and turn them into a formidable force for good, by providing information and leadership.

Q has also been able to collect a huge following of smart skeptical normies and turn them into a united force that has teamed up with the anons, into an army of digital soldiers.

9) Bottom line: There is no way to have an asset based currency that will remain stable for long periods, primarily due to manipulation by bad actors in large institutions.

8) Crypto currencies address many of these issues, as they are asset backed, decentralized, and not subject to manipulation by nefarious entities. However, weaknesses of crypto currencies are their dependence on the internet and less opportunities for anonymous transactions.

7) If all international transactions were required to be performed in asset backed currencies, then a black market currency exchange will develop, and it would require a global policeman to enforce, both bad

6) Which leaves open the issue of how to compete in a world with multiple currencies, while trying to get the advantage of reserve currency status, and the stability of an asset backed currency.

5) We do not want to have a global currency, as that is a nefarious globalist goal, subject to corruption/mis-management

4) A gold-backed currency is not flexible enough to be a reserve currency.

Just like when under-pricing job quotes, a non-stifled (fiat) currency can affect all currencies, not just the mis-managed (fiat) currencies.

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