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On to FL #27, where Clinton pal Donna Shalala unexpectedly lost to Republican Maria Elvira Salazar, who won in a very strong general showing for the GOP in Florida.

Shalala's loss was a shock for the Dems. Salazar focused on tying Shalala to the socialist label. She also strongly supports Trump and is popular with Cuban American community, which is increasingly Republican and active.

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@cmclark63 @drawandstrike
I just did turn the sound of as this song is prohibited by law over here and I felt embarassed to hear it (born in the fifties) , I am in Germany and not a Merkel fan

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I believe it's undisputed that people were sent home at 10:30 PM, some returned at midnight, and pulled concealed suitcases out from under a table, and proceeded to count votes without partisan observers present, and without notice that they were doing so.

It'll be entertaining to hear an attempted 'plausible' legitimate explanation for this.

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@cmclark63 @REX The Whole Australian MSM have swallowed the US MSM tales of Orange Man Bad. They take anything from CDC WHO and Fauxi as gospel.
I could say lazy, but at the same time they are leaning Left in a massive attempt for Truth Seekers to be unable to get a different opinion into the minds of the sheeple.
There most common phrase is " Don't believe anything you read in Social Media".

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Don't know about you guys, but I am getting immense satisfaction watching the rats in full blown panic.

ESPECIALLY the GOP-e (establishment) rats like Kemp, Rattenberger & Sterling.

And their assorted apparatchiks & goons.

They're so desperate, they're even scurrying to leftist world for support.

A LOT of these people are in serious trouble. Hope Xi's money was worth it, boys.

Sure seems like a mighty cat has been let loose in their nest.


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@HeatherChilders: "Ask yourself- why are elite politicians & media so adamant that you believe their anonymous sources but so quick to silence & mock hundreds of average Americans not hiding behind anonymity & reporting, in sworn affidavits, election irregularities they witnessed?"

(H/T @CassandraRules RT )

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@cmclark63 @Davel495

Agree! China ran tanks over their citizens!
To this day the CCP tortures and terrorizes their own people. Australia takes seriously human rights abuses.
Western countries are by no means perfect, however we do try to do better and we don't routinely persecute our own.
Its past time that democracies stopped trading with the CCP and stopped selling them property in Western countries, rare earths and the like IMHO.

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Georgia court order. It's on, it's off, it's on again. Explained. Although I think the window to destroy was there. If it was destroyed someone is probably in trouble.

Great thread by @NoClutchTruth

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Here's a really good walkthrough of what actually happened with that Dominion voting machine court order. What could have been a disaster, may actually turn out to have been a master stroke.

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@IvanPentchoukov: "NEWS: The office of Pennsylvania State Rep. Russ Diamond (R) will be formally introducing the resolution to dispute the results of the 2020 election at noon today, per Kristy Walters, the Legislative Assistant / Policy Advisor for Diamond.


(H/T @Barnes_Law RT )

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Your goldfish is probably smarter than the pet psychic!!

Claims of lection interference are 'false' and 'baseless' according to the MSM.

Meanwhile: "Pet psychic Beth Lee-Crowther says Joe Biden’s dogs, Major and Champ, told her they are excited to live in the White House. They also say their master will be “a great president.”

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1. As the tables turn against the Dems, it's all becoming clear.

Trump knew what the Democratic Crime Group was up to well before the election.

In hindsight, it all makes sense.

That's why Trump didn't declass. Because it didn't matter. It wouldn't have made a difference, because Trump knew exactly what the crooks had planned.

In desperation, they were going to RIG the election.


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BREAKING: After seeing overwhelming evidence of a fraudulent election, Pennsylvania state legislature will seek to reclaim its power to APPOINT THE STATE ELECTOR’S to the Electoral College.

This means Pennsylvania has essentially flipped to Trump.

A massive Victory!

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