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I joined a social anxiety group on Facebook. I thought, well, it'd be fun to see how other people are coping and meeting people who understand.

Instead I'm finding these people are more messed up than I am. And I can't tell if they genuinely have it worse (which I thought would be impossible) or they're just wallowing in self-pity and enjoy being like that so they can complain.

Either way, it's actually depressing the hell out of me. I might have to rethink sticking around.

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Back to Tom's voice.

I've never read anything about Bloomberg.

It's nice to know that my instant aversion to him was based on the fact that I could sense how revolting he is as a person.

And HE'S the next great hope for the Democrats.


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The photo of two mice that appear to be fighting in London’s Underground has won the 2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year LUMIX People's Choice Award.
Photographer Sam Rowley

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In World War One, the Austrian used terrible flamethrowers that had two levers on the lance:

One lever released the fuel, and the other detonated an igniter similar to a blank rifle cartridge.

There's a reason the men wore flameproof helmets and coats.

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@cmclark63 I found your question interesting and didnt know what it meant either,I had to research it to find out. I agree,VERY strange thing for him to say. My guess-he heard the phrase somewhere and thought saying it would make him sound tough or clever..what a fraud

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I'm fine as long as people don't mess with me.

Trump is the same.

And that's why I support him.


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@cmclark63 @ThomasWic has a thread in this. It was an old movie line but Tyron Powers not John Wayne.

OK, I don't speak American English, but are 'dog-faced pony soldiers' a real thing? It sounds like something an Indian war band in a spaghetti western might have.

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Story time...

1) There once was a little boy who had a secret gift. Whenever he desired, whenever he had a purpose, or even when he just felt like it, he could become invisible.

His name was Charles but everyone called him Sandy, because his hair was the color of sand glistening in the sun.

He lived in a small cottage close to the edge of a great big cliff, and ever since he was a baby, everyone told him not to wander close because if he fell off the edge he might never be seen again.

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@hejoural I can't stress how much shit like this pisses me off.

To lie about anyone, whether it's Trump or someone else, and call them a drug addict is such a slap in the face to addicts and those of us who have dealt with addicts.

Drug addicts go through so much and can cause so much pain to themselves and others. They can become monsters. They can become incapable of functioning. So much can happen to them.

And watching someone suffer through it... People making these accusations disgust me

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@Debradelai @EngOnDemand

What's hilarious is that, Democrats did this to themselves.

If they hadn't done a whole impeachment over Ukraine where everyone heard about Biden's corruption, he'd probably have skated on through.

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I thought her expressions and even clowning around were bad (for her, great graphic material for Republicans), but the ripping of his speech behind his back and on-camera has got to be the political blunder of the decade.

Incredibly mean and stupid even by her standard.

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I was legit embarrassed for her. Did she put herself in that position or was it CNN?

‘You just played yourselves’: CNN’s Dana Bash tries to ask Vice President Pence if it’s ‘awkward’ going to the SOTU

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Trump just gave one of - of not THE - best speech he has ever made.

It was a soaring SOTU, full of hope, optimism and positivity.

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WE are the new FOURTH ESTATE.

The internet has liberated the masses.

Many of us predicted BREXIT, Trump, Johnson - simply because we bypassed FakeNews and informed ourselves.

The smart politicians have realized this. They don't need giant, corrupt media companies anymore. Trump and Johnson ignore/mock them.

It's a paradigm shift.

The dumb politicians (eg the Democrats) still don't get it. FakeNews have lost their grip on what people think.

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Apparently blue check Brits are calling anyone who wanted to get out of the EU racist.

The lefty playbook is the same everywhere. 😂

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