Kids, I'm telling you:


The Pences moved to Virginia and opened an office IN TOTAL SECRECY.


Trump has disappeared.

No temporary flight restriction (TFR) over Mar-a-Lago.


No leaks.

This guy is a conspiracy theorist, but he confirms the lack of a TFR over Mar-a-Lago.

He also confirms--without knowing it--that all the spy aircraft returning to Beale Air Force Base are not registering on ANY tracker.

9th Reconnaissance Wing.

They report directly to the president.

I see them fly over my house. I never use trackers. All I do is go outside, tilt my head back, and look.


Trump's enemies are biting the dust.

Alexandra Ocasio-Smollet.

The House plan to blame Trump and only Trump for the Capitol building raid is political suicide.

Trump's lawyers specialize in FRAUD and CRIMINAL LAW, not constitutional law.

Arguing unconstitutionality is a nonstarter.

Everybody already knows that it's unconstitutional.

But the Democrats NEVER change direction.They can't.

Why is Pence across the river from DC?

WHERE'S EZRA A. COHEN, as he's now known?

All of SecDef Austin's decrees don't take place for months.

Trump and Pence can disappear at will.

Craploads of inexplicable things are happening.

Biden and his morons are too arrogant to even be aware of the military branch that PROVED the election fraud.

I know it's easy to say, "It's all over."

That's because you REFUSE to engage in critical thinking.

Why would Trump and Pence disappear at will, and how the hell do they do it?

Why did Trump make all those dramatic personnel and policy changes at the last minute?

Why the "most important thing I'll do in my presidency" address?

If you going to tell me that it's all over, you need to come up with convincing explanation for all of this.

You can't simply dismiss it because you have no answer.

If you have no answer, your claim that it's all over has no value.


Why get criminal trial lawyers to argue a case based on the constitution?

And STOP TELLING ME that Trump is finally realizing that he got bad advice and is now belatedly making the right decisions.

You've done this for his entire first term.

YOU NEVER RESEARCHED TRUMP, so you know nothing about him.

If you know nothing about a person, how the hell can you tell me how he thinks?


Everything happening now is following Trump's lifelong pattern of clandestine actions.

Despite everything written about him, we know almost nothing.

How do I know he studied Russian for four years?

I had to find an ancient paper that listed schools with mandatory classes in Russian.

When Trump attended the New York Military Academy, it was one of only three schools in the country that mandated the study of Russian.

Trump's records were buried to HIDE HIS ABILITIES.

We saw with our own eyes that he understands and certainly speaks Korean.

He reacts BEFORE the interpretation. Twice.

I myself am the only person so far that found EVIDENCE that Trump knew the Saudi royals since 1980 at the latest.



All these Oafkeepers, Qtards, Proud Boys, and armchair Patriot LARPers are gonna feel real dumb for overreacting before Trump's final act.

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