Ilhan Omar: Old white men are bad!

AOC: Old white men are bad!!

Tlaib: Old white men are bad!!!


“We all endorse Bernie Sanders for president!”

You can’t make this stuff up

Why I am not shocked that leftist women who support the likes of Warren, Bernie & Co look like this:

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Their priority is themselves & their family members becoming millionaires off the US taxpayers utilizing any scheme they think they can get by with 24/7.

Every member of Congress should have to declare publicly what assets they go into political office with & what they leave with. Then they must explain how that wealth was accumulated in detail.

@Cdubois G-d bless Texas. We renew DL every six years. After 6 years we can renew online once. After 6 more years we go in to take an eye test. As long as we pass the eye test, we're good to go. Just bring your unexpired DL. They take it, take your picture, and give you a paper license in return. The new one arrives in about 2 weeks.
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Thread by @hnijohnmiller: "What the flying fuck is up with all of you Tulsi worshippers? Seriously, what the fuck? You see a Democrat who hassolini and you think she just walks on water? Do a bit of fucking research on her before you... you know what […]"

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