@macoman4u1 @Jaime @JM i mountain bike and i cook really well. I barter mr fix stuff. So, I am in good shape and spirits, considering i have no where to go and no work, and nothing comes my way since forever.

@macoman4u1 @JM i call my self "high end homeless" a world traveled gourmet athlete comedian, that had everything taken from him.

@macoman4u1 i like the rocky mountains. I find most place too flat and humid and boring. I have moved 19 times in 11 years, and i have traveled most everywhere for decades.

@JM @macoman4u1 i have no problem appreciating life, it's not having a home or money or income, that makes life in a expensive country, so tough.

@macoman4u1 yeah, like my car is packed, and i have no where to drive to. It gets old.

@macoman4u1 i get lectured all the time, what's wrong with me. It makes me sick to see everyone with so much money to travel, have homes, and not deal with the crap i deal with now.

@macoman4u1 they have bad eyes, so they only like whole corn. I spent 400 bucks a season easily.

@macoman4u1 i used to feed 150 every morning. They live to be about 25, so they would bring their offspring back each season.

@macoman4u1 well, i notice that people with tons of money and life on easy street, always lecture those that are struggling.

@macoman4u1 the other cool thing about the bosque, is that at sundown, the sand hill crane fly over, squacking, to slepp on the sandbars of the river. It is so prehistoric feeling.

@macoman4u1 It was impassable, so i spent 4 years with a chainsaw, moto, and lots of time re-doing it after storms and floods. It is UN-tamed and mysterious. I would always get the feeling, that i was being watched.

@macoman4u1 yes. this is a 5 mile trail i carved out to the thick woods in the Bosque, along the rio grande. I was usually the only one out there.

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