There you go with that light whip thing again. Took out part of a tree this time. That’s powerful right there, my man.

@macoman4u1 they said that you can use light, to make something disappear.

Who was “they”? Is that like a commonly known thing in the industry?

@macoman4u1 an article for scientific america. I also had to illustrate a black hole in a table.

@macoman4u1 that vortex was a few led keychain lights on fishing line, that i let expand with centrifugal force, as i raised them.

You capture light and spin it to show how much fun it is?! Ok, you’re a most delightful freak.

@macoman4u1 i also have this romantic painterly thing. I lived on the battlefield in Gettysburg, when i started photography. I think that had an influence.

I think living on a battlefield in Gettysburg would make a deep and lasting impression. It did for me on one single day. It was almost as if the blood of the battlefield was crying up from the ground. Weird sensation. I sensed something, and that was ONE day. No telling what else is still crying besides the blood. My psyche got a 2x4 whacked into it that day. Can’t imagine living there with all those impressions being left in you.

@macoman4u1 i also lived in a farm house that left one side of the house as it was, having been a hospital during the battle. Blood all over the walls, cots, old pills. I have seen some strange things there. I lived alone one summer in that house too.

@chip @macoman4u1 Wow! I love hearing about the paranormal. Actually, the paranormal is MUCH more normal than some of the things we hear from the left!

@SpiceOfOurLife @chip
Well I, for one, have never been normal. No joke! So “para” doesn’t seem so far fetched to me or anyone else who isn’t normal. Normal is so far away from me that I don’t have a CLUE about what it is. Para ain’t no big deal.

@macoman4u1 @chip I love to hear about things that can’t be explained by the usual physics or forensics.

@macoman4u1 @chip Went to Gettysburg as a teenager and it does have an off world vibe. Now that I'm in Floriduh I was a bit surprised by the Koreshan Park Site. It's Florida's version of the Shaker community. Started in 1894 and was one of Edison's first electrified towns. He convinced the community to allow him to install electricity. I've been to his lab site in West Orange, NJ. Has a creepy history, but it feels weird too. 'Course I have an overly active imagination.

@Joycevor @macoman4u1 I grew up in Clearwater until age 10. Florida has it's places.

@macoman4u1 @chip 😊 Mebbe, but probably. I suffer or prosper from hyper vigilance due to my eccentric background.

@chip @macoman4u1 Cool! I’m from Pennsylvania and have been to the battlefield many times. When a friend of mine went one raw, cold day in October 1989, it was just about empty of tourists, but you had a feeling there were people around you just the same. I never had a feeling of isolation in the modern world like I had that day. The air had a real deep chill to it and we were taking pictures of all the monuments and from the tower that was at the battlefield at the time. It just seemed

@SpiceOfOurLife @macoman4u1 it's a very strange feeling for sure. You know that you are not alone, but not sure what it is. It is also very painterly and Gestalt, with silhouettes of figures and horses.

@chip @SpiceOfOurLife
Spirits of those who died there protect that consecrated ground, so I’ve been told. I can believe it.

@macoman4u1 @SpiceOfOurLife i have had a few experiences, that were just too supernatural and real, and some that are just that feeling of invisable people walking into the room and sitting down. Like they don't know they are dead...but trapped in-between worlds.

@chip @macoman4u1 That is how I see it too. It’s like they feel still tied to the duty of protection and honor to serve.

@chip @SpiceOfOurLife
Protect you while you sleep, or “I’m about to possess you” kind of sense? And in hindsight could you see yourself thinking differently if that happened tonight?

@macoman4u1 @SpiceOfOurLife it happened while i sat in silence, reading The Teachings of Don Juan , in fact. I'd feel these people come in the living room , an sit down. Like they were confused and lost, and just wanted to hang out. Then, i'd turn off the lights to go to sleep upstairs, feeling them behind me, and at the top of the stairs. They were harmless, yet some were a bit cranky or frustrated too.

@chip @macoman4u1 my friend I went to Gettysburg in 1989 with grew up in a house like that. It was said to sit on Indian land and a burial ground. They have someone who walks the steps at times an you could hear their feet on the floor of one of the bedrooms upstairs. When you were there you got so used to it that we would yell “Hello!” to them when we heard them!

@SpiceOfOurLife @macoman4u1 yup, i'd make fun of them. They seem a bit dumb or innocent, and sometimes playful. I'd talk to them.

@macoman4u1 @chip I agree with you. The amount of energy and life absorbed in the ground in those bloody battles makes me believe the dead still feel a part of life there.

@SpiceOfOurLife @macoman4u1 there for sure, but also the dry docks in Salem Mass, and Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

@chip @macoman4u1 I love being there. It’s a spot that no matter how much “progress” and modern times encroach it will always stay the same.

@SpiceOfOurLife @macoman4u1 they did a big ta-do, about clearing brush to make it look like during the battle. The vultures were always active around the time of the battle. Someone said...since they live to be 125 years old, that they remember.....

@chip @SpiceOfOurLife
An actual argument was made to that effect!? Dang, that would be some old hungry vultures.

@macoman4u1 @SpiceOfOurLife yes...i was told that by a ranger in 1976...so i think he was right.

@macoman4u1 @SpiceOfOurLife it was very comforting and amusing, and thick with feelings. When storms and lightening struck, i have seen 3D silhouettes of a union soldier. My mom saw him too. so real to see a face in a flash of light...of a civil war captain standing 5 ft away...then a silhouette again.

@chip @SpiceOfOurLife
That’s awesome. No wonder you’re in a blender. You’ve been shown the afterlife. NO ONE gets to see stuff like that and get thru life unscathed. There’s a cost to that kind of weight. I hope I live long enough to see what gets poured outa you.

@SpiceOfOurLife @chip
Yes. I was there in July and there was a “chill” in the air. Downright cold and hard.

@macoman4u1 @chip Yes, and the air blows across the fields giving you that little nip in the body.

@SpiceOfOurLife @macoman4u1 I lived two places, but mostly out past the Eisenhower farm and that covered bridge. I took up cycling and shooting photo there.

@chip @macoman4u1 I know where you mean, and it’s a lovely area. So full of history and such an important area.

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