@selah18 i like the weird reflection/logs/water composition thing going on with it.

@selah18 i think i must of hit my head as a child. I do lots of ethereal imagery. Wide angle lenses let you look around the image more, and discover surprise elements.


Well, I believe you have Guardian Angels with you and they are gifting you with a Heavenly perspective. You are most fortunate. It’s evident that all your senses are attuned to the images you experience. How magnificent!

@selah18 yeah, isn't it odd that i am penniless and nearly homeless and unemployed and have no where to go? it is so weird, and boring.


I know how bad things can get. We each have unique experiences in this lifetime and hopefully get through them with a positive ending. Right now, everyday is a challenge for me. I pray a lot as I believe in supernatural forces of good. I hope you don’t mind if I pray for you. You DO have a gift. And I appreciate it.

@selah18 great thanks please do. I must be cursed by someone. Glad you enjoy the images!


I learned the hard way That when you keep hitting a wall, changing directions help. Lots of prayers and good thoughts for you and I’m sorry that you are having difficult times. I do understand

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