@43Freedom kind of a Norman Rockwell composition, but Edward Hopper strangeness, and yes, an unspoken commentary on the world today.

@chip @43Freedom

Yes! I couldn't put my finger on in.
Perfect description.

I love Rockwell, Hopper and your work. ❤️

@Kathleen @43Freedom the ferry rides in the PNW, all have this strange library like "time out" coma vibe, with background noise of the engines.

@chip @43Freedom

Every ferry I've every been on was like that. Even the hours long ride across Lake Michigan.

@Kathleen @43Freedom yeah, but the Seattle dot com gamer,deadpan expression hipster commuters, are a very special brand.

@chip @43Freedom

Truth. Each ferry has it's own unique brand of riders but still with the library time-out vibe.

Must be all the aitch two oh.

@chip I love this! Has that Mid-Century Modern-look but in a new century.

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