About 7 years ago my niece wanted a #camera of her own. They asked for my opinion & I didn't want them paying for a brand new low-end #DSLR (like a D3100) thinking my niece might lose interest & ditch the hobby. So I gave her my then already 5-year old #Nikon #D80, & said "if you don't want it anymore, don't trash it, give it back to me". I bought myself a #D7000. Eventually her father got her a simple mirrorless camera. This week I thought I'd keep a #backup #rig & got my D80 back.

She'd stopped using it a few years now, but kept it in good condition. πŸ‘Œ She lost the grey #batteries & #charger though. πŸ™„ I didn't want to buy another (it's different from the #D7000). Luckily my old MB-D80 Multi-power Battery Pack has an AA 6-pc battery holder, so I went & got some more #eneloop batteries and... my #Nikon #D80 is alive!! πŸ˜€

Only problem is I can't unscrew the #filter. Apparently somebody didn't put it back on perfectly & now it's stuck... and dirty inside. 😣


@evelynyap just use some Gaffer tape to grab the filter. You can also make a double sided piece, and stick it to a table/flat surface if the filter is on straight, but just stuck.

The filter wasn't put on straight. It's not perfectly flat on the lens. πŸ™


@evelynyap you can use tape around the filter, and channelock pliers then

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Okay, so I looked up channel lock pliers, and I think I know how to go about using that to try and free my stuck filter from the #lens, but... (please pardon my ignorance and cluelessness) how does the tape around the filter help? :blobcatpeek: #tools #repair

@evelynyap it helps the pliers stick, let's you use less pressure,and not mar everything. gaffer tape leaves no residue.

So I never found gaffers tape or any suitable substitute, and had no luck with pliers in trying to free my #Sigma #lens from a dirty lens #filter.

Then tonight I had an epiphany. :asuna_but:

Behold, the #tools that helped free my lens from a stuck filter!
:sparkles_light: my travel steamer (for clothes)
:sparkles_light: a rubber glove

Yes! Finally I was able to take the filter off the lens and #clean it. πŸ˜€

Now, why hadn't I thought of that before... :blobfacepalm:

#cameras #photography

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