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Today the North is loaded with fat, happy, fecund bears (sorry seals). It appears that telling the truth about polar bears made Dr. Susan Crockford, a respected, published Canadian zoologist, the victim of an ideological purge. First she was removed from the University of Victoria’s speakers bureau, and then not renewed to her position as an adjunct professor.”
by Ed Driscoll

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This is a bizarre article on the Navy's involvement in patents for UFO-like technology.

If you want to keep a technology secret you don't patent it because then the information becomes public. Patents are for locking in the commercial benefits.

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Saw this on a blog I read. I have to admit I had a quiet grin to myself.

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What a waste of taxpayer money. 400-500K per round!?!

There are better, cheaper weapon systems.


The wall (based on the example at the KY climbing school and on pictures of what is actually being installed at the border) will stop your casual person running across, but by itself, it won't stop narcos or coyotes moving people. The bad guys are motivated. They can easily build a similar wall to practice on. A couple of people knowing what they were doing with some gear could move others or things across pretty quickly.

I hope what we are seeing built is merely a phase 1.

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In 1570 a master turner in Munich made this wooden scale model of the city. At the time the city would have had about a population of 16 000 with a density similar to that of modern Seoul. No buildings over six floors, with most at two to four floors only. Plenty of green space.

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8:56 PM - 20 Oct 2019

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That climber was bullshitting you.

Rock climbing is not about pain. It's about finesse and balance and grace. It's about thinking through your moves and then doing it.

Hand jams are one of the most comfortable techniques you can use because you can rest on your frame.

Pain is high altitude mountaineering where the air gets thin and every step is a slog.

Is it my imagination or are there are there an abnormal number of pictures of TG in uniform?

It's like she went out of her way to have photos taken when she served.

Who does that?


The unedited climb was in my thread, but I'll repost here. The key point is that the 8-year old uses the side to climb the flat panel, which would not be possible on a completed wall.

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I'll tell you what. I may be a bit biased, but in doing some research I really find to be incredibly valuable. Having so much information searchable in one place is amazing.

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This video has been around for some time but I thought that some of you might not have seen it.

Smart Girl.

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A few more comments:

1) I'll bet that the climber in the adult video did that in one go without practicing. Most competent rock climbers will stand at the base, figure out their approach, and then just do it.

2) The replica wall is being used at a climbing school so of course it is going to have chalk marks all over it.


You don't get where I'm coming from. I'm looking at this as a climber. I wanted to know how they got through the crux of the climb.

And this isn't about defeatist thinking. It is taking a hard look at claims of what is possible and not possible. I could get a group of people over that fairly quickly.

That said it doesn't account for sensors, cameras, and other parts of the full CBP system.

The wall isn't finished, and I hope that more goes into it than what I've seen so far.

Two things bother me about the wall as it stands (pardon the pun).

None of what I've seen has the depth to stop a tunnel and we are already aware of tunnels being used to cross the border.

Any competent climber could get a group of people including whatever illegal product over that wall with the right gear by hoisting them up and easing them down the other side.

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