Is it my imagination or are there are there an abnormal number of pictures of TG in uniform?

It's like she went out of her way to have photos taken when she served.

Who does that?

Looking at the prototypes this looks like the version chosen:

Note the anti-grip rounded top.

If that is part of the planned design then I haven't seen photos of the finished wall yet to include it.

Sadly that 5' plate might be spec based on the pictures of what is going in.

When the 8-year old girl gets to the flat panel, she uses the side for a handhold.

However the side would not be an option on a complete wall.

This might sound weird, but in some photos Hillary and Tulsi have a similar face structure and expressions. (especially since the media is putting them sids-by-side due to the recent silly cat fight)

Are the dims trying to recapture the "magic" or is that similarity merely a window into the rot of their souls?

But, but, Lo-pan says "What does it mean? Two girls with green eyes. After all these years."

I was watching a Joe Rogan video covering an interview on diet and he said something that is a really good insight into leftist thinking.

To paraphrase people want you to join their one true diet (ideology) because it reinforces what they are doing is correct.

That comment goes a long way to explain why leftist feel so threatened by anyone who doesn't agree with them. Disagreement demonstrates that they are not correct. It erodes their foundation.

Finished watching the Dateline episode with Epstein's victims. The focus was mainly on Virginia Giuffre.

My first impression is of the 6 victims, 5 were traumatized and 1 is lying through her teeth. I would need to see more video of VG in action, but there's something else going on there as her body language is not syncing to her words.

(no link available yet to video)

Looking forward to the US purchase of the to-be-named Trumpland.

(besides, it was never very green to begin with)

This Dweeb Bush tweet got me speculating about the 4th of July and the strong military presence in DC.

Why the present tense? Why not "Died" if you are going for historical reference?

This 4th of July picture and the MSM's attempt to make it look like there were no crowds takes me back to the inauguration.

That's a really big deal when you factor in the Italy has the 4th largest gold holdings in the world worth about 102 billion USD.

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