Finished watching the Dateline episode with Epstein's victims. The focus was mainly on Virginia Giuffre.

My first impression is of the 6 victims, 5 were traumatized and 1 is lying through her teeth. I would need to see more video of VG in action, but there's something else going on there as her body language is not syncing to her words.

(no link available yet to video)

One odd thing that popped up, is if VG escaped to Australia, then how did Maxwell know her phone number to call her when first JE was first arrested? My guess is VG was a much more active participant and 'retired' when she got too old.

I assume more will be made public eventually.

One last comment, this was NBC so the bias was on Trump's relationship to Epstein, VG's working at Mar-a-lago, and Alex Acosta. Barely any mention of the Clintons (but I think they flashed one picture Billy).

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