Anyways, this is a little ditty I like to call, "New Supreme Court Justice" -DJT

Portland riots end and wildfires go crazy.

This is single source news, and I haven't been able to confirm things went quiet in Portland.

If true it is a big deal.

Went to Amazon today and here was the recommendation for books.

All Trump-hate.

Guess we know who Bozos supports.

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Yet another disgraceful Obama legacy - during his entire Presidency, Obama didn't give one medal of honor to a living US soldier.


Why? Because he DESPISED the US military. And gutted it.

Of course, as we saw with the OBL takedown, Obama was more than happy to take credit for the valor, blood and sacrifice of US soldiers.

Says it all.

Have we ever seen a more despicable human being & POTUS?

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Everyone should learn more about Sgt. Major Thomas Payne's story.

Just incredible.

I have met more than a few Special Operations troopers over the years (SAS, SASR, Rangers, Delta, SEALs etc) and have always found them to be humble, intelligent and loyal.

Many suffer PTSD. They support each other. Payne will be thinking of his buddies, not himself, I can assure you.

Payne's heroic action was in 2015. Obama never gave him the acclaim he deserved, of course.

The majority ownership of The Atlantic was sold to The Emerson Collective, a social justice organization led by Steve Jobs widow in 2017. Is it any surprise they would put out nonsense about Trump?

Mark Dice video shows Kyle brought the fire extinguisher used to put out a dumpster fire created by the rioters.

1st video is dumpster fire, 2nd is Kyle with the fire extinguisher.

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