#1 - anyone who says Trump wasn't hard on Putin is a fool.or a list. I've given you the evidence above, please use it.

#2 - all that Trump did can be repeated. Which America's enemies in Putin & Xi know full well.

Oh, a 3rd point - while these are times of despair, taking on these men and beating them CAN be done.

POTUS Trump showed us the way. Leaders of his caliber are difficult to replace, but they're out there.

As is POTUS Trump himself.

The end.

By shutting their backdoor access to the USA via NAFTA, and imposing eye watering tariffs, Trump was removing Chinese access to their key business market - America.

Xi and his cronies were really struggling by mid-2019. Their economy was in freefall. There's a very good argument that the Wuhan Flu was a DELIBERATE attempt to reverse their fortunes. Which worked, thanks to their friends on the inside helping them.

One who now illegitimately occupies the White House.

My point is 2 fold.

Among many other targeted, very effective measures to keep Vlad in his box.

There's no doubt that by 2019 if not earlier, Putin was cowed. He knew full well that messing with Trump and by extension, the USA, was not an option going forward.

As did Xi and the mullahs. Many don't realize how close Trump came to bringing the CCP to its knees.

Headline, Dec 2017 - 'Trump defies Putin with arms to Ukraine'

Javelin anti-tank missiles
Sniper rifles

And Trump nixed Putin's Nordstream 2 gas Pipeline into Europe, too. That was in 2019. He sanctioned the contractors working on the pipeline - CLEVER.


Reports vary but the guys on the ground said that at least 250 of the 500 Ruskis were killed. Reuters reported 300.

Putin never challenged Trump again in the Middle East. Hey, guess what? He also never challenged Trump in Eastern Europe. Why?


@REX President Trump briefly mentioned this in the interview with Epoch Times. Trump down played it, then in Trump fashion slyly admits it.

'The Yankees attacked ... first they blasted the f--- out of us by artillery, and then they took four helicopters up and pushed us in a f--- merry-go-round with heavy caliber machine guns ...'

The Putin Posse was so embarrassed by the humiliation that they immediately tried to censor all reference to it. Then they downplayed their deaths, injuries and loss of materiel.

From Russian soldiers who were there, referring to the US military under POTUS Trump:

'They beat our asses like we were little pieces of s--- .'

'So one squadron f--- lost 200 people ... right away, another one lost 10 people ... and I don't know about the third squadron, but it got torn up pretty badly, too ... So three squadrons took a beating ...'


In early 2018, Russian 'mercenaries' (read army and special forces) were tasked with attacking US operators in Deir al-Zour, Syria.

It didn't turn out well for them. Putin got handed the most humiliating defeat of the Russian military since the First Chechen War (1996).



Putin didn't just respect Trump.

He FEARED him.

For good reason, too. Unlike the halfwits Putin is currently owning 24/7, he could never predict what Trump was thinking, or how he would act.

Putin tested the waters, of course - and learned the hard way about the folly of taking Trump on.

Jake the Fake Sullivan posts tweet about Iran, world laughs.

The mullahs can sanction US citizens safe in the knowledge that nothing will happen.

The Iranian leadership must be unable to believe their luck.

On the ropes just 18 months ago, they've won the lottery. They know full well that they can run right over the top of the weakest and most corrupt 'administration' in US history, staffed by odious little cowards like Jake Sullivan.

Ditto, China and Russia.


A final thought - what happens if Durham reveals that there was illegal spying on Democrats such as Bernie Sanders?

It almost certainly happened.

How do liberal fools process that? Answer - many won't be able to.

The end.

What does Durham (and I think Trump) have that has the crooks so scared?

I found this article extremely interesting. The manipulation of DNS/servers to create fake narratives and spy on political enemies and even POTUS. If true, it's the worst crime I've ever come across.

But the magnitude becomes even worse if you consider that Obama was using these techniques for YEARS.

My theory? Durham has everything. And Trump & Co have a copy.
Let's see what happens.


I understand the skepticism about the Durham Special Counsel.

But ask yourself - if Durham wanted to protect US institutions, wouldn't he just pack up and go home?

He wouldn't even bother investigating, let alone indicting anyone.

POTUS Trump is no longer in the WH. The criminals behind this historic crime are currently occupying the WH. Durham knows how evil they are. That he and his family are at risk.

So my conclusion is that Durham is dead serious, and making progress.

My sense is that his pistol is loaded. He has many conspirators bang to rights, caught red handed.

Now it's just a series of strategic moves, aimed at ramping up the pressure, to get the key players. And it's working.

No wonder the worst people in the world desperately want a war in Ukraine. If they don't get that, put nothing last them.

They'll do anything to save their worthless hides.

Let's see what happens.

The end.

Obama must be worried.

As the heat builds up on Clinton Crime Syndicate, sooner or later they'll be tempted to throw the Obama/Biden crew under the bus.

They despise each other, remember.

So I don't agree that Durham is trying to protect institutions. He's a straight shooter and clearly a damn good operator.

He has time on his side, too.

I think Obama/Biden, the Clinton Crooks & RINOs are in real trouble here.

Anyone ID'd in the evidence Durham has is in legal jeopardy of the highest order. They were so damn arrogant, you see. Their emails, texts etc will be a killer blow. Remember Strzok/Page? You get the drift.

They can't sack Durham - if they do, the info will flow out and it will just be too hot to ignore.

But by letting Durham continue, it just gets worse for them. Especially as the mid-terms loom.

HUGE. And confirmation of what many of us have known for a long, long time.

My sense is that Durham has been provided with everything - all the declassified material Trump talked about, including material from Grennell and also Ratcliffe.

It explains why we have not seen the declass material, as well. It's with Durham and therefore privileged.

My working theory was that the Obama/Biden syndicate was allowing Durham to target Clinton, bit now I'm not so sure.


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