Well that's not very liberal OR progressive of them now is it? 😂

The left sure talks a good game but they ALWAYS break down where the rubber meets the road! I think more sheep are noticing that in a big way!

Whole Foods to cut health-care benefits for 1,900 part-time employees starting next year

this is funny...i used to work there...benefits were AMAZING...but the liberal garbage is so detrimental to your health you are constantly was awful..knew this would happen once Amazon took over😂😂


My first thought was "What do you expect from Amazon? They run sweatshops"


My first thought as well. Hubby said, "Bezo needs more money to fight Trump"!

@cat_roca @Princessjasa


They are profiteers in sheep clothing but want to subjugate you. When the rubber hits the road they rape.

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