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29/29/End thread.
I didn’t expect this thread to get so long. This was my first experience trying to tell a story in 500 character snippets. I hope that a few find some value in it and begin or continue an awakening of their own. History will highlight this time for centuries to come.

The awakening happens at a different pace for all of us but it never ends until you close your mind to it being possible. Q is not a LARP. Q is not a coincidence. Look closely. Think for yourself. The bad guys are obviously writhing in pain and fighting for their lives. Don’t let them divide you. The day IS coming when it won’t be safe for these people to walk the streets. Enjoy the journey! Enjoy the show!

For those paying close attention with open minds, there is a magnificent elegance to what is unfolding in front of us. That is what I wish my “woke” blog friends could see. It is a sight to behold. It’s our pound of flesh being extracted. It IS happening, Be patient. The Rule of Law is slow and cumbersome. Even more so when you have to rebuild it’s foundations.

I’ve said before that the criminals, seditionists and treasonous deserve to be horsewhipped to death by use of a little buggy whip. While that might feel good to many of us, that can’t happen in a civilized society that respects the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law for ALL is what has been missing for so long. The biggest thing President Donald Trump is going to do is see to it that the Rule of Law applies equally to ALL of us before he leaves office.

What I’m seeing has an almost unimaginable elegance to it. I have no doubt the bad guys are going down but if I’m right it’s going to be done in the most civilized yet brutal way possible. Having this POTUS in charge while the statute of limitations on your crimes is still open is worse than having ROBOCOP after you.

I get the feeling that not many observers are truly onboard with Q yet even if they follow Q. I can understand that. Still, the pro Q numbers get better daily. I’m actually grateful for the break from 8chan and Q. It’s allowed me time to pay closer attention to the unfolding PLAN. I like to imagine that what I’m seeing on a daily basis now is what a mathmetician sees when he finally sees an elusive solution.

Still I was shocked that almost none of them even seem to want anything other than DOOM. That was a revelation for me. I fucking KNEW……..KNEW in my gut that solutions were possible. I had the 40,000 ft vision of Q years before Q ever appeared and even wrote about it. Now we had the POTUS we needed to exert the unencumbered political will to take back our country and by example set the entire world free.

I tried for months to promote proofs etc but most rejected Q outright. A handful of independent thinkers are onboard and few “I was for Q before I was against Q” types came and went. Despite being woke, not even perp walks are going to convince the rabid dogs. Nor trials and convictions! Nothing short of fully served sentences and publicly visible executions will convince them. I get it. I was them for 13 years.

Q did not get a warm reception on my favorite blob. The rabid dogs that dwell there demand SAUCE. Q does not provide sauce per se, you largely have to find that yourself. My blog family had been burned too many times and cynicism, somewhat justifiably, is just too strong to be swayed. After 13 years I was as tight with these internet friends as one could get and their outright resistance shocked me. These were the most woke people I know of in the world.

Everything I learned resonated with me. Best of all, it scratched that “political will” itch I had long been searching for. My Doom Porn Odyssey had prepared me well for Q. I realized I was hearing TRUTH from Q. Then the news began to confirm that the “Future proves the past”. All Q was asking of any of us was to think for ourselves, research for ourselves, make memes and red-pill others. I can do some of that. I’ll roll the dice.

By the end of January 2018 I was all in on Q and “The Plan”. Personally I was in uncharted territory and could not for the life of me how I had got there so quickly. I’ve been a lifelong skeptic on everything I could not see, feel, smell or taste in person. Yet, here I was……..hooked. I started researching Trump, the presidential race, the speeches, debates…..all of it.

Then, in November 2017, a good internet friend from that same blog turned me on to something called The Book of Q. ( I know it sounds ludicrous but Q or the drops being made under that moniker resonated deep on an almost instinctual level. But I was cautious. This wasn’t my first rabbit hole. The strange thing was that my highly tuned bullshit-o-meter was barely twitching. This did not compute.

I had given up on any political will to fix our problems. I posted and read less and less on my favorite blog. I refused to continue voting for my own demise and canceled my voter registration in July of 2016. I didn’t vote for Trump. As a matter of fact, I didn’t watch or read a single speech from any candidate. I didn’t watch the debates and I avoided any political articles. I was “stick a fork in me” D.O.N.E.

Having essentially found no viable alternative to our quite obvious 1984-esque future, I grew tired of discussing DOOM. I resigned myself to maintaining my preps (Hat tip old school Boy Scouts!) which I learned decades before prepping was cool. I’d also keep my ear to the ground in terms of news I could trust but I was going to get on with living the 20-25 good years I have left in me. If DOOM is to be my fate then I trust that DOOM will fucking find me at the appropriate time.

Throughout my Doom Porn Odyssey I was always on the lookout for alternatives to THE DOOM. The pickings were mighty slim until I was introduced to another blog called Philosophy of Metrics (POM) ( POM was definitely less DOOM and more workable fixes but the political will to make it happen was still lacking. Collins is one smart guy and the intelligence level in the comments section is just about out of my range of comprehension.

I call that 13 year span of research my Doom Porn Odyssey. I have been highly suspicious of the govt. for over 38 years and now I had 13 years of answers that explained why. Like many I suppose, I could always see “fixes” for what ailed us. I knew in my gut that the problems we faced could in fact be fixed but unfortunately I could never see any political will or movement to make fixes to our problems. It was like living in bizzaro world. Problems AND solutions were plainly visible.

They are good people over there and I’m grateful for the tremendous amount of knowledge that I was treated to over there. I hope I added to that knowledge as well. It was sort of like graduate school for those who trawl through rabbit holes and conspiracy sites. A place to sort the wheat from the chaff among intelligent folks from diverse backgrounds.

I won’t reveal the name of this blog at the moment to avoid the kind of attention that in these times would get it shut down but it was/is a no holds barred, anything goes kind of place where you have to back your shit up. The only place I know of with freer speech are the chans or DarkWeb. You *can* get banned over there if need be but 99.99% of all comers (SJW’s) voluntarily leave under heavy, unrelenting fire from the regulars who are like a big family and a pack of rabid dogs.

I spent more than a decade hashing and rehashing The Great Recession and the coming Even Greater Recession and every other flavor of DOOM those without a real voice tend to discuss while living under the Clinton/Bush/Obama and in all likelihood…...Hillary regimes. The venue for this discussion was a fantastic little Wordpress blog where believe it or not, free speech still reigns. It is an Oasis of free speech even in 2019.

After 9/11, my old monetary questions came back to me along with a million other new questions based on the bullshit I was seeing. Chris Martenson largely answered my monetary questions but the answers to my questions and the journey I took to find them raised a million more. After 13 years of intense digging and cogitating I’ve reached the same conclusion as Q…...this goes deeper than any of us could ever imagine. Money was just the tip of ONE iceberg in a vast sea of corruption.

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