Poor Brett Kavanaugh. We live in a society where people use sexual assault as a political weapon. This is how insane people have gotten. They have forsaken God, and have decided they are god like. Bearing false witness is in the top 10. Some folks are gonna burn for eternity.


True and the pain they are inflicting will return 10 fold.

@carolinacally Unfortunately, the communist party has exploded in America. Communists are atheists. They don’t acknowledge or accept or live by Judeo-Christian values. Go back and read the 45 communist goals for America. They are attacking every American institution & concept. For me, it truly is good vs evil.

@bwa_aptos Check out The New Living Translation. I grew up with King James, read other versions for a couple of years and now back to KJ. @carolinacally

@bwa_aptos So you decided to start at I Samuel, the 9th book in? Do you always start a book in the middle and then ask, What's going on? I'm starting to doubt your sincerity.

@bwa_aptos I consider the NLT a beginner bible. Start with that to get the jist of it then advance. I do know the NLT omits some verses that's why I'd eventually move on to a more advanced when ready. I love my KJV @carolinacally

@carolinacally We’re living in a Romans 1 world, folks. Specifically, Romans 1:18-32. Chilling, how accurate it is.

seen it posited that this could be a result of ginsbergs prognoses


No credible testimony or evidence needed for Dems to sling dirt at someone. Democrats know it’s a huge lie themselves! They make outrageous accusations to smear ppl’s character all the time. It’s evil. And anyone who supports it is evil as well.

@MarcusJ65 @carolinacally This is the 9th Commandment that the Godless Left will never follow. I hope there is a special place in hell for them.


That's little solace. I need preventive action, here and now.

@carolinacally Sexual assault will come to mean nothing, as racism has. Overuse of the words, cheapens the meaning of them...

@carolinacally Bearing false witness is like committing murder, figuratively-one murders another's good name, reputation, and character. It's unconscionable. And I hope the folks with slanderous tongues do burn in hell forever.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.