I was thinking about music and I came upon this article from four years ago about Bill Withers walking away from fame.


@baldilocks I just love him. Lovely Day is my favorite pick me up song.


This live version of Grandma's Hands takes me back. The preamble is priceless.



@baldilocks Yes! Another favorite. My favorite part, "Baby Grandma understands. That you really love that man. Put yourself in Jesus hands...grandma's hands" . Judging from that pre-amble, I see poor Bill got dragged to church by his grandmother as often as I did.


That song was out in 1971. I was ten and I had no idea what he was talking about! lol

@carolinacally @baldilocks

I like that part about the good reverend hitting himself in the head with the drumstick.

That got me good!

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