Happy Thanksgiving dear friends. I hope you all are surrounded by love, peace and comfort!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Remember the first Thanksgiving and why it occurred. Remember the friends and family that you can no longer embrace, because they are no longer here. Remember to love on and embrace the ones you still have with you if you can.

Remember to give thanks for these wonderful and brave people who are signing affidavits and serving as witnesses to this high crime of election fraud. The laws of sowing and reaping apply to us all. Sow good things!

Many say @GenFlynn knows where the bodies are buried.

They don't realize he also knows who buried them, when, how, and all of their genealogies to the 4th generation.

@carolinacally I didn’t understand it either. Every opportunity I’d say, that’s their opinion not news or fact. He’d get so defensive.


RSBN Pennsylvania hearing has already had over a million views:

🔴 LIVE: Pennsylvania State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election



@carolinacally Good for you ... in one breath I want to excuse them for not learning the truth when the msm still pushes it but then on the other.. come the hell on , how could anyone believe any elected official is seriously going to call neo-nazi's good guys publicly. I mean have so many seriously lost their minds?

Jenna Ellis...

LOL Dems panicking and saying this “wasn’t a real hearing.”

Sorry, libs, Article II is very real.

The left is gonna cry salty tears. They can blame CNN and themselves


😬 Hang in there. Are you there to celebrate Thanksgiving?

I've been at my parents' house for 3 hours. My step-dad just turned to msnbc. Gonna be a long night.

In Pennsylvania, 1.8 million mail-in ballots went out, and 2.5 million came back in. 🗳 RIGGED ELECTION


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Michael Flynn Jr·@mflynnJR
1 hour ago

My first reaction to the pardon news?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart President Trump.

My second reaction?

A big middle finger to Judge Sullivan.

@Dawnz Yum. I just put my 5 ib turkey breast (bone in, skin on) in the brine liquid for the next 24 hours. Everything else, I'm making and baking tomorrow. G swears that THIS year he'll help. We'll see.

I am so happy for the Flynn Family on the General's pardon today.

Sadly, ghouls within are taking the opportunity to demand POTUS pardon stooges Assange and Snowden.

NO WAY JOSE! Snowden sold out our country, and Assange smeared our troops. Unless they have intel President Trump needs on Clapper and Brennan he doesn't have to do squat and can let them squirm on the vine.

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