VIP last evening was priceless. If you are not a member of this Odysee show you are missing out...

I was distracted in the beginning due to a childhood best friend conversation over the exact subject she was trying to rub in my face.

"Trump has been convicted of fraud in a NY court."

Soooo what is wrong with this statement. She is one of those who will quote verbatim of the democrat Party line. OMG, I cannot discuss politics with a fanatical democrat. STOP ME!


Wow, I'm VERY happy to see you so surprisingly popping up again, and that those bad news ended so nicely as just some fake news which were blown up way out of proportions 🙏

And those unique subtle humor-soaked descriptions of yours seem also to be alive and kicking 😁

Rock on, my fine friend!

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@HectorHeathcote —My Boo!

So great to know you still walk amongst us.

Definitely was sad when I saw the announcement here.
Again, so glad you are still with us.🙂🙏🏾👏🏾🤗

@carolinacally I'm here to stay. Dealing with some med issues at the moment that make me lethargic and not sleep well, so maybe not so much at first. But I'll get there.

@carolinacally Thank you, dear! I feel so many were lured into thinking that true. You were missed as well.

@HectorHeathcote @carolinacally

It’s rumored I have been dead from the neck up for awhile.

Happy to see you, glad you’re back!

The truth about Clinton and Calcutta's bat from Hell.

Can you be as objective with today's miscreants?

Well folks...

Rumors of my untimely demise are greatly exagerated! I'm not dead, not yet anyway.

I feel horrible that so many believed this to be true, i would have put an end to it long ago, but I just found out minutes ago and felt compelled to right this wrong. Simply can't let this stand.

It's gratifying that homies from FA (which I never joined) went to my memorial and all.

I hope it was nice because, well shit-fire... I missed it myself.

Hello! I've had "join quodverum" on my to-do list for quite some time and finally paid for a membership and joined today!

I am looking forward to joining in some conversations once I figure out how to navigate the site....which may take a while.... haha

Schumer’s move to drop an already informal dress code in the Senate is yet another sign that Democrats seek to lower and debase themselves and embarrass the nation on a world stage.

Remember when Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) turned congressional inauguration ceremonies into an out-of-control daycare with kids whacking themselves in the head with gavels and dabbing?

The FBI is reportedly searching for more than a dozen Uzbek illegal immigrants who are believed to have been smuggled into the U.S. by an individual with ties to the Islamic terrorist group ISIS. Astonishingly, Biden administration officials allegedly think this serves as a good example of the system “working” to protect Americans, based on media reports.

The story behind the police raid of a 98-year-old Kansas newspaper owner's home is even crazier than you think ... a federal lawsuit is now in the works

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