I apologize for bothering you guys, but is it still buy Friday buy a beer for Mike night? I certainly could use an address! I'd buy a fully stocked brewery for that amazing man if it were in my power.

@ThomasWic @carolinacally

Good grief.

I was going to say that the tranny looks like Bette Midler in drag, but then I realized that Bette Midler looks like a tranny in drag.

@ThomasWic @deighs @carolinacally I actually know someone who served on that Tribunal a number of years ago and he is a total ASS and a rip off artist pretending he helped people while robbing those who support his "work" blind.

@ThomasWic @carolinacally
Some far away place...
There are REAL People!
Living REAL Lives!!


@carolinacally she took on the big boys and they’ve been hounding her ever since

Lindsay Shepherd was banned from tw@tter. Please see the video to know why. Completely ridiculous.


This is my alma mater. I hope Caslen gets the job. He did well at West Point, and honestly, a realist is what academia needs. I was a student at USC (the real one) during a time when students weren't allowed to run rough shod over the administration, and most of the administration were actually mature adults.



So leftists believe Trump met with then attorney Acosta in 2006 and told him to cover up his involvement in the Epstein case and in exchange he'd make him Secretary of Labor when he becomes President in 10 years. Also he promised to force his AG to slow roll any investigation if it came up during his presidency. And of course Acosta said sounds sweet let's do it.

Deranged doesn't even begin to describe theses leftists.

@oystergirl @REX Yes, Oyster Girl. I was going to Columbia in the early 80's and that WAS the culture in NYC at the time. The clubs, the parties, the atmosphere. My friends used to call me "Snow White" and "Sweet Polly Pure Bread" in those days, because I was having none of it.

@REX I have to laugh at this because I was a young woman at that time moving and working in that atmosphere. I watched the video and thought of all the parties I went to with guys whipping out their dicks on the way to the bathroom and doing lines on the tables at parties and I thought of how INNOCENT Trump seems. Ask any woman who worked in NY int the 80's and 90's and they will say the same thing!

Jim Comey was last seen in the woods contemplating the meaning of life. He's been silent since then. Wonder what he's up to?

Civilian gun ownership.

It skyrocketed under Obama, but the violent crime rate continued to drop.

Did I say drop?

The violent crime rate is PLUMMETING.


The reason our public schools stink is leftism.

Teachers indoctrinate instead of educate.

American private schools are the best in the world.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.