Every Memorial Day I drink a toast to Uncle Barney. Still missing since May 14, 1944

@carolinacally —Rep. Donalds is correct. Any upgrades to a rental property almost always results in the tenant having to pay a higher rent.

The same applies to property taxes.


“Where’s the fetus gonna gestate? You going to keep it in a box?”

Pure gold.

I learned a new word today: solipsism. Never heard it before. I'll be back when I can use it in a sentence.

I spoke with a few retired nurses. One was a professor at a local university teaching new nurses. She said it’s been difficult 4 years because students just aren’t as literate or prepared to do the work to graduate from nursing school. The final straw was reading essays of new applicants, describing what they bring to the nursing profession, one applicant said “I’m a black male”. That’s it, nothing else.

many now enter college assuming they will graduate just because they showed up & paid

This is why the Death penalty should always be in the books.

These barbarians deserve no less than the gallows. Public square. All hanging side by side.

Anything less is no justice.



In front of his son…. My God.

My son will never have to face this. If a gaggle of idiots shows up on my doorstep looking to kick his ass, they will deal with me.

But I wouldn’t exit my home. If they entered, however…

What an awful story.

RIP Tina Turner. When I tell you that I am a huge Tina Turner fan, I am a HUGE Tina Turner fan. She rocked out with the best of them.

Having to witness these DEBT CEILING fights every few years is a real DRAG. It's like being forced to watch a RERUN of some ancient TV episode over and over. It's like:

"Oh yeah, that's the one where Lucy and Dezi accuse each other 'holding the economy hostage!', 'trying to cause an economic meltdown!', 'trying default on the debt and destroy our country'.


Cold fruit bowls are the most underrated treat ever.

@Josephcdickerson Star wars geeks usually don't have that kinda coin! wow.

@JesusIsLord I am doing a 10 day cruise around the UK. That and the cost of airfare is LESS than the cost of a single stay at this idiotic boondoggle. And my food and drinks are included. Insane.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.