On Friday a Wake County, North Carolina, judge sentenced an illegal alien to a paltry 14 months in jail for the hit-and-run he performed last September after he crashed into and killed Jamar Beach, 26, a black Raleigh resident and father of a 2-year-old.

Beach’s family was devastated, especially in light of the fact that he’d still be alive if the border had been secure enough to prevent illegal alien Neri Damian Cruz-Carmano from entering the country.



I once saw a tv show in which the cops were trying to track down a serial killer who live steamed the killings. The more people watched the faster or more brutal the killers were....

It was only a matter of time before live streaming killings was going to happen... People are sick and twisted.

Candace Owens interview Paris Dennard who got the treatment after calling out CNN shill about security clearances.

So much focus on Elizabeth Holmes and her sham silicon valley startup. Most of it seems to be trying to make her into some sort of celebrity, as opposed to the more important topic of ethics

3. Elitist progressives like Beto have no sense of pain or suffering. They have no insight into the human condition.

They've never experienced anything that has touched them deeply, so they have to fake emotions.

Their lives are spent PRETENDING to be human, while admiring themselves in mirrors.

Many end up becoming actors. They FEAR reality. Fake worlds and roles are a sanctuary.

One of my all-time favorite poets is Wilfred Owen, who experienced the terror of the WW1 trenches.

(14) Oh great. The PM of Australia just called this a "right wing terrorist attack." Not helpful. These moronic losers are not right wing. They are moronic losers.

Twitter just suspended me for 12 hours.

Never tweet "learn to code" to Jake Tapper, he has no sense of humor.

A 'must watch' and share documentary that reveals the systematic take over by the progressives in Colorado. Similar tactics are being used everywhere by the friends of the DNC.


Tweet from ABC News:

A tornado touched down in western Kentucky on Thursday, ripping the roof off a church with a preschool inside. Luckily, no one was hurt. t.co/Oe3hluDamd t.co/rKRGguWxFg



A "rising star"??

Try a meteor.

A little flashing and lighting on its way to a catastrophic crash.

On Twitter, I told you that I thought Michael Moore is a double agent working for Trump.

In this 1998 interview, Roseanne says at 30:04 that Moore had already met Trump, and Trump is accessible.

Moore also says that he wouldn't go after Trump.

I consider my theory confirmed.


@carolinacally Wow thank you for sharing this!! Great fun to watch 😍

I didn't watch Roseanne Barr's first talk show, but man am I glad I found this gem on youtube. Roseanne, Donald Trump and Michael Moore


Thee is something just not right with the Hollywood/Academia cheating scandal to me. There is way more going on here, and I think today's charges/arrests are just the tip of the iceberg. Any guesses?

This is hilarious.

I'm the one who wrote that the New York Times predicted that Trump would be our best president.

The "fake headline" is my tweet, word for word.

It was an ironic comment that made MANY leftists lose their minds.



Tweet from GOP:

Fact Friday ➡️President @realDonaldTrump directed more than $200 million per year to technology education grants for women & minorities — prioritizing programs that encourage women in STEM careers.



Some men, as I have learned from experience, can be thrown in the darkest pit and deprived of everything, and they shall remain freer than their captors.

A free mind cannot be conquered.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.