Kudos to the Cuban in that red truck in front of Mar-a-Lago flying an American flag and a Cuban flag with "Patria y Vida" on it.

Homeland and Life.

God bless the USA. God bless Trump and his family.


She's not wrong. Whodathunkit? Even Fatty McCain can be smart.


It is like The US has been taken over by forces unknown

Don't recall this ever happening before

Remember when Merrick Garland said it was ok to protest in front of judges' homes? We need the Judge's address that signed the Mar-a-Largo warrant.

The FBI just united the entire world behind President Trump.

Okay everybody — CALM DOWN.

Yes, Mar-A-Lago was raided. Don’t fall into the hands of the Dems and freak out. Yeah, it was blatantly flagrant. But surprising? NO. In the coming days we’ll know *IF* the DOJ/FBI actually got anything significant. If Trump has learned ANYTHING in the last 6 years, it’s that he’d better expect crap like this and have all his bases covered. I’m betting he was OVERLY prepared for something like this. FUDGE RULE APPLIES.

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No unions in any public sector jobs, police, teachers, and federal, state and city bureaucrats.

So, my oldest son and his partner came over for dinner.

He had news.



So... Not quite ready to be a Grandfather.


Looks like it gonna happen.

@carolinacally —As I said in the Yapping chat from last Thursday, Democrats love diversity until it lands on their doorsteps.

Bowser The Bruiser’s and Adams’s whining about the influx of illegals reminds me of a video clip I watched of a Biden T-Shirt-wearing supporter who was asked if he would allow any of the border jumpers to live in his home. His answer was an immediate and curt “No!”


Isn’t the federal government already transporting illegals to many city’s?

Gov Abbott is sending illegals to NYC. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't NYC and DC sanctuary cities? So basically, they are receiving funds to shelter illegals? Seems to me that Abbott is helping them out, by sending their target market directly to them. Win/Win

@umad80 @redwhitebluedude

Got an axe? Cheney’s Axe Grinding. At your service!

Bad voiceover, he’s not well.
TRUMP exposed him…she should get “W” to do one next😂

Ron Johnson can pound sand.


Those of us who were forced to contribute to Medicare/SS will fight tooth and nail for the benefits we paid for. I’ll be damned if they try to steal from us the small fortune we unwillingly paid into the system our entire working lives.

Focus on the blatant obvious fraud, Johnson. Not that YOU have anything to worry about, of course. 😡


@darulharb @BrendaJean @PoserIndex Her time is better spent making sure AZ election process is cleaned up so the voting is more orderly in 2024.

WIN! America First Candidates SWEEPING victory:

John James (MI-10)
Tudor Dixon (MI Gov)
John Gibbs (MI-3 defeated impeachment R)
Blake Masters (AZ Senate)
Kari Lake (AZ-Gov)
Mark Finchem (AZ Sec State)
David Farnsworth (AZ- State Sen beats J6 Rusty Bowyers)
Eric Schmidt (MO Sen)

Note: John James running again? Let's hope 3rd time is the charm.

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Tim, so sorry about the loss of your awesome buddy. My condolences, prayers, and hugs.

I caught the sidebar dialogue between Stacie and you on the loving benefits of a spouse's beloved friends staying in the picture for the remaining spouse. What an awesome approach. ❤️ to you both.


I'm very sorry to hear that, my friend.

My deepest condolences to you, as well as to the family.

To you too, @Stacie. And the Book of Rick sounds like a lovely tribute.

And thank you both for the reminder to keep our loved ones close, as some day it can be too late for that.

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