Ansel Adams's photograph of Golden Gate, California, before the bridge was built


I boosted it yesterday and found it in my "timeline" (or whatever it's called)


@Mongo3804 The young generations of journalists are almost all journalism majors (no knowledge of the real world just how to get things into print) and often law school graduates. In both cases it is nearly impossible to find a non-leftist professor. As a student you either fake being leftist, are leftist, or, you have no friends and bad grades. So, very few lawyers (including judges and justices) or journalists (or teachers and some others) are not extreme left leftists.


My hope and my prayer is that Grenell will give it to Schitty likes he's never gotten it before.


According to scripture, Jesus died before sundown. (At the beginning of Passover) This year that would be April 7th.

Day one at sundown starts April 8th at sundown.

Day two starts at sundown April 9th.

And Day three is between April 10th at sundown and April 11th at sundown.

On the third day, Jesus rose from the grave.

It was in the morning while it was still dark that Mary Magdalene went to the grave and found that the stone had been removed and the tomb was empty.

James Woods tweeted this. I thought you would get a kick out of it.


I find that hard to believe. He knew she was at that party

Alton Ill mayor sends cops to bust up party during stay at home order....finds out wife was at the party. Family will often be the first to screw you.


The Johns Hopkins virus map shows only EIGHT deaths in Beijing, EIGHT in Guangdong and just SIX in Shanghai, and still only 3,335 in ALL of China, but nearly 12 thousand in the US and nearly 3500 in New York City.
How can people trust these figures??

@Kat @umad80 @holymolyrocky

I don't think POTUS will maintain the National quarantine guidelines very much longer. He'll leave it up to states - then the fireworks will begin.

Those in Democrat controlled hell holes will get a FULL DOSE of their fascist tendencies.

Hopefully, they'll get so fed up they'll actually vote them out next time.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.