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the whistleblower mail carriers coming out are patriots, but the also see they indictments coming down and don't want to be part of that shit

lol. everyone using Parler bitching at how slow it is. yet Bongino still promoting it. bad move. folks are seeing how bad it is. dude should get it useable before asking a tidal wave of folks to sign up

looks like RCP never called PA for Biden. so, fake news on that 'change'

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*electoral. my cell has been slow for days in google chrome. messes with my typing

RCP currently. Biden only has 259 elector votes, according to them, bc they took PA away from him

wtf. newsmax has megyn kelly on nevertrumpin' ..jeez

just about every Trump post has twatter disclaimers. Biden's have ZERO

schlapp pointing out what i was wondering. the votes are already poluted. u cant undo lots of what has been done.

tucker, hannity, etc
dont fall for their shit. they are 100% ok with what Fox is doing as long as they get paid. if they weren't they'd be whistleblowing what the internal handlers are telling them to say/not say

Lou, Liz, Levin..all Fox shows on my DVR. removed. no more.

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Am going to this on Saturday. Already bought the plane tickets & booked the hotel room, but not much of a cushion left.

Any donations greatly appreciated.

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