holy shit. he's not backing down.

i'm heathen af. but this is not right

gonna kick his ass in hell for assuming christians think a jew from the middle east is a pasty white supremecist

@captwfcall watch God show up and show out😊 they will fall into their own pits

@Lemonhead @captwfcall Shawn King is whiter than me. And I haven’t been out in the sun since it’s so hot. So he’d stick out like me with a flashlight.

@SpiceOfOurLife @Lemonhead @captwfcall

Other than being a tutu-wearing punk instigator, WHAT has Shaun King ever brought to any table? Serious question.

@2020_DJT @SpiceOfOurLife @Lemonhead @captwfcall

His 15 minutes of fame is up. Even blacks are on to him as they tweeted to stop sending donations to him.

@RockyRoad @2020_DJT @SpiceOfOurLife @Lemonhead @captwfcall

He pointed out that Joe Biden was a shit candidate and not good for blacks so they cancelled him.

It’s only the truth though

@2020_DJT @Lemonhead @captwfcall Really not much else. He’s in that group of young hotheads who see themselves above everybody else and as leaders. However, the civil rights leaders of the 60s are not to be compared to people like Shaun King. They were real people. He is a social media invention.


I'm surprised King has not been beaten badly for being a phony black.

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