uh oh. feel like the stro's might be in trouble with that dude on first now

*i'm older and fatter than CC btw... just FYI in case any butthurt occurs. 🤣

yankees should have left that old fat guy in longer.

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Some grenades can be converted from offensive to defensive, through the use of a fragmentation sleeve.

This is a German dual-use grenade.

this super woke superhero show on netflix about the kid named Dion seems to forget that Obamacare saved the human race. they mention the moms need for insurance quite often. 🤣🤔

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so Fox brought that moron Harf back and clearly her task is to discredit Giuliani as much as possible.

odd timing. 🤔

Two men linked to Trump's lawyer Giuliani arrested on campaign-finance violations


every chinese national i've met LOVES China. I keep seeing folks say that the 'Chinese people are not their government,' but that has not been my experience. maybe I don't get out much?

almost seems like the left is purposely making whistleblower complaints look ridiculous 🤔.

first off, this is clearly just out there to get trump's tax returns. *that no1 gives a shit about.

second, these folks making these bullshit complaints should be jailed.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.