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if i could 'pin' this i would. just to be clear, President Donald J. Trump..
I would walk thru a room full of Ebola patients to vote for him.

getting the feeling the left and the coddled ones are hoping someone really famous dies from the Kung Flu

btw, this is from 'you are all diseased' on amazon prime.

these are the hypochondriacs that run the planet now. kids who grew up with child worshipping parents.
*before it comes, I AM NOT talking about President Trump here.

I dont know what Quibi is, but they clearly paid for fake glowing reviews for the app on the google play store.

democrats are really dumb. like they think that incompetent rambling fool cuomo can take trump? 🤣

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@TimToolMan According to this chart, it looks like we've finally eradicated the "flu" ... I see this as proof they're lumping most deaths in with coronavirus reporting.

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If he won't, find a new doctor. I fired one when I first moved to northern Minnesota. He was an arrogant a-hole who wouldn't listen to me. My new doc listened and my A1c dropped 6 points and is now controlled. It's your body.

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media now back to trying to make Trump or Pence wear masks. not bc they give a shit about their health, they just want to panic folks more

i pray if i get the wutang wuhan flu that my doc isn't TDS infested and will give me the life-saving mix of meds that has been PROVEN to fix me

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lol... Robin Williams once said "If you watch Popeye backwards, it actually has an ending"

JESUS CHRIST! the media is shitting on Trump right now en masse over the shit that made SMB and many others whole. he needs to bring up folks at this point who were healed by this mix of meds. he HAS to

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