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My friend Ted, a fabulous drummer, found these bass players. they apparently have a page on Facebook:

Bassist & Bajistas

I will part with this artwork for $120,000.00 USD. it's truly a steal at that price.

i've never seen Joe Biden do a push-up. hope someone tells him to show his massive push-up skills. or maybe I just missed him showing all us weaklings recently?

ok another impeachment hearing monday just announced so the media can ignore the IG report release

they think this will work. all of these stupid shows meant to sway the public against Trump. It wont.
I dropped these premium cable channels long ago. you should too. they are all full of leftist propo.

Amid impeachment turmoil, HBO OKs Watergate series

wonder what epic fakenews drops today for the weekend pundits to pump up until the Monday IG report drop?

that kicker for dallas missed again! jeebus. they should let witten or some rando kick at this point

this is actually quite genius. just ban/suppress the outrage mob instead of trying to appease them constantly.

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@captwfcall we're gonna HAVE to take back the house to get rid of these devils.

someone needs to take Joe Biden up on his bullsh tough guy challenges. he can do pushups? doubtful

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first loaded question to pelosi from lapdog media 'you've been so cautious and reluctant to move on impeachment ..blah blah'..her response started with 'thank you for that question.'.. all staged. the questions. the answers.

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The old crew is -- I hope -- on its way out.
They're the ones who cannot conceive of how things have-and-are-and-will change under non-politician Trump.

We are on the precipice of a brand new day.

melt-face Pelosi is giving a presser right now. bet she hits on 1) founding fathers 2) being prayerful and somber (lol) 3) and her faux reluctance for impeachment. also needs to throw in a "No1 is above the law! derp derp"

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