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if i could 'pin' this i would. just to be clear, President Donald J. Trump..
I would walk thru a room full of Ebola patients to vote for him.

so the GA 'audit' is bullshit? no sig matching, no envelope checks? just counting ballots, even the fake ones?

i mean, i guess they'd catch the dominion software stuff but that's only part of it.

rudy just said on War Room that he is frustrsted bc Trump's legal team was not prepared and should have anticipated the problems they saw and had lawsuits ready to go. first I've heard that...

roy rogers drink ..clint black looks just like the dude. horse = trigger. nashville. space shuttle = his wife from Houston.

that's clint black and lisa hartman black. (masked singer owl egg thing)

had Paxton there at gov is the real power in TX btw.

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forgive me if i am skeptical of Jim Hoft..but I've seen him fall for BS even more than I have.

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