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if i could 'pin' this i would. just to be clear, President Donald J. Trump..
I would walk thru a room full of Ebola patients to vote for him.

white house presser clearly shows that the left wants the nation 100% shutdown forever

the only folks that give a shit about Trump's taxes are the folks that hate him already

now the supreme court lets the crazies subpoena trump's taxes..110 or so days before the election.

i need to figure out a way to archive the things i delete at some point ..not my crazy typos.. but my random nonsense πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

she didnt post the black square..and lordy...that's the end for all

wow. erin napier, from 'home town' a tv renovation show, now is under so much pressure she has to disable comments on her posts. why? bc she didnt bow to the rage mob

so ya, my grandfather (one of them, i feel i need to point that out)..he fled a commie shithole and embraced this country 100000000%. think 'Scarface', yet not a criminal. i can't comprehend the Ilhan Omar types TBH. it's nuts to me

i dont like this guy tbh. but jfc. these folks just trying to take out all Trump enablers that don't 'repent'

i had to dwell in the silicon valley swamp for a while.

ya, i fuckin hate twatter, and its' employees. trust me, they pretty much all are purple-haired mutant babies that act like that kid on Game of Thrones that still sucks on his momma's teet when he's 20 years old

just him being on that shit site gives them cred

wherever Trump goes, others will follow. he needs to quit giving twatter his time IMO. those crazies on there won't be swayed by a damn thing he posts. plus, when he is out of office, they'll ban him anyway. hell, they are close to doing it already. ya .. i know, some folks i enjoy reading are going to disagree with me, but damn. fuck that company and its' crazy leftist employees. they banned me a year+ ago and i was pretty much a day 1 user

hell, similar on twatter. low count follower posters. gotta be a scam.

lol. i clicked on some of the accounts. most have 0 posts on their tl. total fake support posts. hell, it's probably instagram doing it for them. no fuckin way they don't have massive anger out there towards them

seems pretty clear nascar is paying someone to astroturf on their instagram. lots of rando accounts posting on every pic with all normal looking, short posts and most posts of anger at them crowded out

notice how these poor folks who are losing their kids in Chicago and elsewhere can only talk about it for what it is on Fox News?

went to the QT, posted up without the mask. the guy there told me they aren't going to police people not wearing masks anymore bc it's losing them customers and dangerous for employees. πŸ’ͺ *no, i did not have a mask on. fuck that shit

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