I don't know!!

I just started playing duck duck goose and there it was.

Idiots abound.

Some are claiming the Garlic Fest Shooting to be "another false flag."

I've never understood that term.

What's false about people being shot?

Odd that the Gilroy Garlic Festival would be mentioned in the same article about gun control as Barak 0bama and Joe Biden. Circa 2012

"Making Joe Biden its chairman was like staking a vampire through the heart, then hosing him down with holy water before burying his body beneath the Gilroy Garlic Festival."


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@capnjoe Haha! Those guys are on their beet kale drip these days! Heheh!

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My son saw the Stones last night in Houston. He said Mick was still strutting and popping...lost a half a beat maybe if you really critiqued him. Amazing at 76! Drummer Charlie Watts is freaking 78! Can you imagine hitting all those beats? Wow!

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There are hundreds of Mueller Memes out there that I won't post here but this one stood out for me.


They even went so far as to smudge her glasses to better portray the image of a frail, and disheveled bird.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.