This nasty freak, John Waters, says, "Baltimore still has a Bohemia and that's important too."

Johnny boy is very very upset by President Trump's pointed words to Elijah Cummings about Baltimore.

He sited Rikki Lake having to kick a rat off her shoe during a love scene like it was a perk.

Oh, and the roaches, darling!
She wore those with pride.

Sick. Nasty. Child molester looking so & so's are all the left has at their disposal.

I Tried To Impeach President Trump.

All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt.

An old friend, Chris Morejohn, is sailing solo from Hawaii to Canada.

He built my Hells Bay skiff ages ago and it's still the best thing on the water. Great builder!

Anyway, he just sent me the GPS coordinates via his sat phone (so cool!) and I thought I'd share his journey so far.

He's making 5 knots!

Location and his cork the Hogfish Maximus!

Long ago, and not so far away women dreamed of being a Bond woman. Now they dream of being a woman Bond.

It's happening. The next 007 will be a woman.

Forget about Idris Elba becoming the first "black James Bond." Hollyweird is too "woke" for that.

No, they've chosen Lashana Lynch to be the next, Mz. Bond, I presume.

Not that I care really, but damn, virtue signalling is a lousy way to get attention.

My Trump 2020 tumbler arrived today. I think it makes the American Made P5 pop.

Before anyone asks, the tumbler is filled with Red Rose iced tea and lemon, not liberal tears.

The Horror...

Americans being patriotic. Americans supporting their President.

Fear and Loathing in LeftVegas.

The USA Today posts articles that read like Anti-American socialist propaganda.

Today they are insinuating that the USS Boxer shot down one of our own drones in the Strait of Hormuz.

They mock our military and our country by projecting weakness and incompetence.

I can't wait until these litter-box liners are run out of business.

We used a very special weapon to down Iran's drone called an LMADIS Light Marine Air Defense Integrated System.

The Marines kick ass and take names. Iran lies.

This alleycat seems to be a common theme amongst the panty fascists.

The original WWG1WGA.

If one is butthurt, all are butthurt.


Stay out of the Gulf waters!

I've never seen such an alarming situation as the one I'm seeing this year with Flesh Eating Bacterias.

I can't read another story.

"Scientists" say the following is the first ever picture of Quantum Entanglement!

That's where two photons share a physical state.

They can call it what they want, but I know from experience that it's a pair of lips.

Maybe Marylin Monroe's, or Glozell's, or Kim Kartassian's?

That's the word of the day by the way. "Experience!"

The rest of the ride home I thought about my stopping to help him.

I knew why I stopped to help him, I just couldn't understand how I unknowingly stopped to help him start his car to go get drugs!

It was so odd.

Then! The car that made the purchase stopped to ask if we needed help!

The man sitting in the passenger seat had less teeth than the guy I stopped to help.

He looked like this guy but with greasy grey hair.

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