Years ago, I noticed that in US public discourse, it's normal for all sides to be wrong.

Take Trump's decision to not retaliate against Iran for shooting down a reconnaissance drone.

Tucker Carlson is wrong.

Every time we've used limited military force against Iran, they haven't responded.

So a series of air strikes would not have led to war.

Also, the aircraft were not in the air when Trump decided to not retaliate.

He never gave permission for the strikes to be carried out.

Then Tucker Carlson finally admits what he's all about:


He knows better than Trump how to run the country.

Americans are obsessed with rhetoric and public apologies. I support Bolton refusing to agree publicly that he was wrong.

Don't give the enemy ammunition.

Trump chose him. That's good enough for me.

Then Carlson says that the shooting down of the drone was supposed to be the trigger for regime change in Iran.

This is one of the most childish things I've ever heard.

Carlson knows nothing about military affairs. We don't have the assets in theater to wage war on Iran.

Remember how long it took us to build up the Iraq invasion force? Carlson is irrational when it comes to this topic.

He's crazy.

FINALLY, Carlson completely ignores the regional powers who have waged the most stunning wars in human history.

Mosul was taken after the Islamic state fortified it for three years. They built underground complexes, created killing zones, stockpiled weapons, and held a million human shields.

It actually hasn't been publicized how the the Gulf Cooperation Council helped the Iraqis take the city.

The US Air Force says that it took nine months to build a digital map of Mosul. Every building--inside and out--was scanned.

About 500 commandos did the scanning on the ground. It's clear that the GCC can also scan underground structures.

Tucker Carlson is a mindlessly yapping dolt who accidentally revealed that he holds Arabs in contempt.

Once again, Trump has made someone involuntarily drop the mask.

The real world is nothing like the world of Tucker Carlson.

Or anybody on TV, come to think of it.




That is the fundamental truth of TV: NONE of it is real!

I read an interview with Ray Bradbury, some years ago, where he said that "Fahrenheit 451" was so much about censorship as it was about the imbecility that would come from watching TV.


Steve Allen said that he knew we were in trouble in the 1950s when viewers sent soap-opera actors cards and gifts when their CHARACTERS got married.

@ThomasWic @trueblueTEX

The Paracingulate Sulcus (PCS) is a fold in the frontal cortex that missing or malformed in many brains.

@capnjoe Where I come from, we just say idiots. TV was referred to as the idiot box when I was a kid. @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX

@Lemonhead I should clarify, it was my parents that called the TV the idiot box. Then said go outside and play. @capnjoe @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX

@Baline @capnjoe @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX ya I know. Most people called it the idiot box. That's why I laughed. Would not have mattered if you called it that either. ☺

@Lemonhead I only heard it from my parents. I am thankful that they countered what could have been all consuming. @capnjoe @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX

@capnjoe Peter Gabriels' Games Without Frontiers' always makes me smile. Conjures up memories of tree forts where all the kids in the neighborhood played til the streetlights came on. @Lemonhead @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX

@trueblueTEX @Baline @capnjoe @ThomasWic yes. That is when i got hit on purpose because rhen everyone was throwing it way to hard😂

@Lemonhead Yup! And we had the tall, steel swingset. With competitions to see who could swing so fast and high they went over the top! @capnjoe @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX



No, I was afraid, a few times that I would go around, but, fortunately did not.

We did play "Paratrooper" and jumped out of the swings to see who could land the farthest.

@Lemonhead @capnjoe @ThomasWic

@trueblueTEX @Baline @Lemonhead @capnjoe @ThomasWic

British bulldog.

Until they banned the game on account of me. I was the last runner left standing, almost made it through but was tackled at the very end and did a header into the fence, breaking my glasses and coming up bloody.

I was tackled, did a header into the fence

@capnjoe @Baline @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX of course. It's good to learn to like it. This heat though ugh. I lived where it got minus 40, people would ask how? I just got used to it. I told em everyone stays in the house like people hide in the summer.

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