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You know how when you’re having a good time with friends, and time seems to stop? Heaven is kind of like that. It’s the eternal experience of Truth, Beauty, and Love.

Eternity is not merely unending chronological time (χρόνος) as we experience it now. It’s an unending moment (καιρός) of participation in the perfect love that God has for His Son in the Spirit.

You don’t “go to church” in Heaven. Heaven 𝗶𝘀 worship, the Eternal Wedding Banquet of Christ and His Bride.

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✌️🌎Libs: global citizenship, we are the world, multi-national corporations, open borders, foreign intervention

🎃Trump: Biden’s loser son making $50,000/mo as a “consultant” for a Ukrainian corp might indicate relevant political corruption


(Just to clarify, Louis #Kelso invented and championed the #ESOP. #CapitalHomesteading is an extension of the same idea, but made universal and accessible not to just employees of for-profit companies)

#CapitalHomesteading can be summarized thusly: Reform #MonetaryPolicy from creating money from government debt to creating money on future# capital by lending $7,000 of insured credit ~every~ year to ~every~ citizen (including children ) to finance and own new capital creation (or existing capital). Money becomes #inflation-resistant because it cancelled after being eventually paid off by profits of the capital created in a virtuous cycle.

The primary aim of #competition in the #freemarket ought to be promoting #differentiation rather than mere low prices, as the former is favorable towards a large distribution of businesses in a sector, whereas the latter drives towards a winner-takes-all #consolidation and #monopolization.

#distributism #capitalism #ChicagoSchool #Antitrust

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.