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Limbaugh: Getting rid of electoral college, lowering voting age, illegal immigration...they’re admitting they can’t win with everything they support.

There is much more to this shooting then we now know. That’s a given because MSM wouldn’t ever report all the truth to us. I look forward to the real reporters giving us additional information.

So now Al Gore is saying 99.9% of scientists agree with him on climate change. God bless that .1%.

What does it tell you about the Dem party when they think that
1) illegals should vote in our elections. Many uneducated, non english speaking
2) 16 yr olds should vote (need to be captured young according to Nancy)
3) blacks are too stupid to be able to get an ID to vote.
4) released felons should get their right to vote reinstated
5) you (termed useful idiots by the Socialist Party)?
Now that's quite a group you belong to....

@ThomasWic @LTC I hope they play it for 2020...this time they can say "he did it" he promised it and he did have your jobs back.

Facebook...they sent me an email saying "we notice you are having a problem logging on" click here and we can help... yeah big problem I haven't logged in in weeks!!!

@campers Can confirm except in the school district we lived, it was used by parents for children w/bad behavior. My friend was a HS teacher in MD. This was early 2000’s. Getting IEP’s was known scam to teachers. Teachers obviously had to follow guidelines. My daughter, same school, was denied testing because she wasn’t “failing.” FYI, she was barely getting by w/low C’s & D’s but wanted to do better. We moved. She was tested. Had a REAL learning disability. Yeah, this kind of $hit ticks me off.

College Admission Scam. This began way before college. I taught mid school and parents got their kids on IEP's that were meant for special needs students. Basically it gave their kids unlimited time to take tests. This scam was used particularly with bright kids. The Dr would write up that the kid had some problem (slight hearing deficit was one of them) and would essentially force the school to give him an IEP that would allow the student in High School to get extra time on standardized exams.

Trump just promised that the fake-news media will be gone six years from now.

Take THAT promise to the bank.

The Judas goats are making sure that the Democratic nominee for 2020 will be a Stalinist anarchist.

In other words, a pathetic clown whose positions can't be reconciled.

Most billionaires are leftist, so when AOC demands their abolition, she's lying.

She's already proven herself stupid and corrupt.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic I just spread the word on Twitter. I dont have the following of more popular people there but hope he hears about this site.

Just watched an old Milo video and realized that the Conservative Party silenced one of their most important voices. Think what you like about him but he brought humor to otherwise tragic liberal postures. I miss seeing him.

hi everybody..just checking out the edit feature.

got it.

Holocaust Story
I taught MS at Tahonto. We hosted a holocaust survivor. She was particularly emotional as she talked about her 85 yo grandmother going 2 the bathroom. A pit was dug in the ground and a pole extended over the top. She was forced to hang from the pole and defecate and pee into the pit. I dont know what Ilhan Omar went thru in Somalia.
But I know what this woman endured as a child.
***And the New Democrats could not vote against anti semitic remarks by a jr. member of congress.

AL Gore's hoax falling apart like a cheap suit. He became a billionaire off of it.
Tweet from @RightHookUSA

@RightHookUSA: Greenpeace Founder: Global Warming Hoax Pushed by Corrupt Scientists ‘Hooked on Government Grants’

An observation:

On Twitter, I have almost 11K followers--the vast majority are like-minded conservative pro-Trump.

If I Tweet something kind, nice, biblical or encouraging---I get almost no likes/ReTweets.

If I Tweet something inflammatory or anti-Democrat, it gets mileage....

IMHO, it seems like Twitter has become like the the ancient, bloodthirsty Coliseum. Folks are only interested in anger, sarcasm and invective speech.

A sign of the times!

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