@thinksolon I missed the catalyst for this anti-Hilary rant. Anyone help me on this?

@prchrskd I have to say that Moscow Mitch has done more for the Judicial system than any person besides Trump. His refusal to push the Garland nomination was the beginning of it. Thanks, Mitch even if Moscow made you do it.

@athena12 @umad80 @ThomasWic @LI_Catfish I went to my 50th a few years ago and I must say I looked fabulous. Met tons of people I hadn't seen in 50 years (amazing to see people age)..they looked great. Fun moment was seeing the basketball stars hanging together. I had a crush on a few. Sorry guys, you may lose weight faster than women but you also lose you hair. Couldn't recognize them. My fav from back then, said "Wow, you don't have a single wrinkle on your face!" No, No I dont... tee tee

@Judy0309 He helped get Trump elected when he did his famous speech about middle-class America being screwed by the government.

@Krissy_Caster70 Voters from Ma can vote in NH by saying that they just moved and dont have a new address....I believe they stole it from Trump's.

@umad80 But..but maybe it triggered someone. It maybe was a sculpture of a woman with a baby and the sand was white so it was white supremacy! Destroy...

@hejoural @Aboutagir11 @Zionhalcyon @ilumanous My understanding is the Pope can change things because he is the representation on earth of Jesus. this was changed by a previous Pope.

@carolinacally Hope they bankrupt every Lib out there- stupid idiots. Keep supporting the fatted calfs.

@Jackie Very astute and true...thank you for pointing out another way that the elites perceive us writhing masses.

I think they are upping Bidon because they know Trump would beat him in a 320/0 landslide...can you imagine the debates?

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