@ThomasWic @Dawnz The ratings will be off the charts...wonder if he will only let Fox News into the chamber...poor little CNN...

@REX Stable genius..is there anyone who doubts it now?

I think Michelle has been playing a huge joke on the American people...her clothing gets more and more outrageous like a drag queen but the MSM still fawns over her as though she is a fashion trend setter..every day she wakes up and says..give me those orange curtains and lets see what they say about my outfit today...

@BeFree He had deputized his friend as an FBI consultant...so he pulled some shenanigans...but its not over till the fat lady sings.

I can't wait to meet both you gentlemen ...and Im excited to know what Quodvorum plans are for the future....2020 and beyond!

@Debradelai Please put me down for Sarasota...I have already changed my Dr's appointment so I can be there!

@HunDriverWidow Here's my take on the salt and pepper shakers..because his food etc must be checked for poison, it makes sense that his shakers would be easily distinguishable from the others..end of story.

@REX That Cop 25 conference will make a great backdrop for a Republican ad...all those jets, people gorging on filet mignon...yup real Climate concerns...

@captwfcall I went to see the movie "knives out"..and in the middle of the movie the family gets into an "immigration argument"..I was OK until they said "but he put them in cages?" they I knew it was Anti Trump bull..

@Debradelai Did you get to post the Sarasota information yet? I haven't been able to find the details...Thanks..

@BeFree Doesnt sound like they are worried about climate change..bigger cars, more gas..haha..Greta will have to sail back now.

@Debradelai Will you have your book and General Flynn's books for sale at the conference in Sarasota?

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