No I haven't. I am happy with Quodverum. None of my favorite writers are there. All of them are already right here.

The people here are great. I haven't met one jerk. We have great conversations, with no one trying to out do or speak over the other.

And I don't have the time to split myself between a bunch of social media platforms.

I am already just keeping Twitter on life support only, I have taken Gab off the ventilator and let it die, and Facebook for personal friends.


@ilumanous @Jan_4USA Agree..Im on Twitter for Trump and some of his followers who on not on Quodverum. The rest of the trash talking by Dems and News outlets is just an annoying feature. Quodverum is what Social Media should have always been..a place where people can exchange views civilly.

@campers @ilumanous @Jan_4USA

I especially love being able to talk about *anything* without some weirdo twisting reality and the very laws of the universe to engage me with false dichotomies and guilt by association, seven times removed.

@Theliefie1 @campers @Jan_4USA

YES!!!! Me too.

Or people who pick fights, for fights sake. That stresses me out.

@ilumanous @campers @Jan_4USA

I used to like it, until I read what constantly high levels of adrenaline and cortisol do to your body.
That's all I need.

@Theliefie1 @campers @Jan_4USA

I lived through some extremely stressful times in my life, and now that I am able to, I avoid it like the plague.

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