Just had a visit from some English friends. They pay 50% taxes. Her husband had serious back injury and couldn't wait for NHS drs so they went to private clinic for MRI etc. NHS doctors gave him pain medication-would refer him to a committee to see if he qualified for surgery. Instead flew here on 90 day visa cause they have private health insurance when they travel. Surgeon here said if he didn't have surgery he would be a paraplegic in a matter of weeks. Surgery in 1 wk. Doing great.Fuck NHS.


Sorry to hear about your friend, wish them a speedy recovery.

@Sarah_Roberts He is doing great. Thanks , he says, to the fantastic medical doctors and medicine we have here. NHS is takes weeks to get needed tests and Dr's are required to get permission from a panel of medical and non medical people ...sounds like a death panel to me.


I am glad he is getting some relief being here in the states. wish him a full recovery.

Frightening for the middle class and poor in any country. Only the wealthy don’t care.

AND all of these leftist progressive socialist communists Dems want to inflict government health care on us!!! 😡

Of course they are NOT interested in our well being & never have been!!!

@RAD Nothing they want is for our benefit- only for their desire for power over us..

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