I think they are upping Bidon because they know Trump would beat him in a 320/0 landslide...can you imagine the debates?

I dont know what Epstein did or did not do. I have no idea what jail or if he is in solitary confinement.What I really believe is the powers higher up do not want him to live or to testify. So it makes sense that they would make up cockamamie stories about what is happening. This may even be intimidation techniques so he will give up his videos and stashed evidence so they can destroy it. Im not a conspiracy theorist- just realist. He is dangerous to too many people.

@oystergirl Evidently twitter has blocked me from opening this tweet....first time I ever saw that message..

@campers @melody @umad80 @Mongo3804 @MegasAlexandros @deighs @NevadaJack In South Florida-Miami believe me I see first hand the silent Trump supporters at MDCPS and USPS, places I patron from secreteries, office workers, hospital workers, bank tellers, student, all genders, races, ethnicities I truly had no idea how many silent Trump supporters there are here in Miami, Keys and Broward Counties. IMHO 2020 will be beyon anyone's expectation including Trump his win be on a Biblical scale

(12) This is what so many years of Putin have accomplished.

A piss-poor nation with a famished army living out of the fantasy world of Commie-era propaganda.

Quite a leader, indeed.

Like Trump, I do believe Putin is a good leader, especially when compared to Obama…or my hamster.


@campers @ilumanous @Jan_4USA

I especially love being able to talk about *anything* without some weirdo twisting reality and the very laws of the universe to engage me with false dichotomies and guilt by association, seven times removed.

The MSM crazies are reporting on Trump doctoring a Nancy Pelosi montage of her slurring, drunk/medicine induced speech.
Now that will put even more pressure on her....she will sound worse. god he is a genius...

This close to the OIG Report, and Nancy Pelosi accuses POTUS of coverup. This is an utterly stupid political move, it shows utter desperation. She just opened the gate to full disclosure. Trump: “It was Nancy who asked for full disclosure by leveling an accusation I was covering up something. Well, here it ALL is, Nancy.”

The old HW would spend hours each day enjoying your company online, learning and sharing knowledge, following events and so on.

The new HW is prioritizing her health and offline needs while trying to work smarter not harder on politics, while indulging her heroin-like addiction to family tree research.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. This phase of Trump's work is too important not to watch and celebrate every day. We are so blessed.

If Twitter bans all conservatives and becomes only for Liberals will they change their name to Litter?


Manafort was a plant? Because that is what it sounds like. Didn't he work with the Podesta's?

A senior Iranian military officer affiliated with the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, has fled the Islamic Republic with a cache of secret documents said to contain information on Tehran's military plans, according to reports.
Ali Nasiri, a former IRGC brigadier general who once headed Iran's counterintelligence operations, is reported to have fled Iran and requested political asylum at a U.S. embassy in an unnamed Gulf country.



Great article.

And this is an instant classic:

"It seems that both the U.S. intelligence services, under the leadership of Obama, who worked against Trump in 2016, and the Russian intelligence services under the leadership of Putin, who also worked against Trump, are flooded with idiots.  It is still unknown if they are active or passive idiots."

@campers so many grifters attached themselves to the conservative movement and that's why Dems spent a century winning. I'm glad that it's Trump saving conservatism. I'm not sure anyone else could do it.

@Jackie perhaps California could supply aid themselves considering their fantastic budget surplus.

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