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National Guard Could Clean NYC Trash Pileups Cuomo Suggests

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he might deploy the National Guard if New York City can't figure out how to clean up growing garbage piles.


More proof that Cuomo is an amoral, reprehensible schmuck. Can he do this?

Saul had a veal chop for dinner. Quite frankly it looked like it came from a stegosaurus! He is your consummate storyteller with a lovely bottle of wine. Joe Flynn was the kind a guy you wanted to sit and have a beer with at the bar. If you get a chance to join a Quod meet- I highly recommend it

A special thanks to Saul and Joe and to my new quad friends. A wonderful dinner and conversation.

Perhaps the best Beard Blather yet.

If your schedule, like mine, inhibits your opportunity to catch the many fine QuodVerum videos when they're broadcast live. By all means, try to catch them archived. Nowhere else on the Internet can you find such honest, in depth, and accurate discussion of important issues and events.

@REX Im wondering if Michelle Obama is the ACE up Biden Campaign sleeve...it would certainly supercharge the campaign more that any other woman of color..more than Harris or another of the losers.....

I just got off Twitter after blocking at least 2 dozen people who are posting shit about Wayfair...a bunch of lunatics..sadly, this companies' reputation is being destroyed by these knats.

Now we know where all the guns and ammunition Obama bought in the last few months of his Presidency went...those Black Panthers sure had lots of fancy new guns..

@Debradelai When did Quodverum begin?...I think I remember it was a different format when you began and then you started social. quodverum..Is my memory correct? My first tweet appears to be Jan 2019..I recall there were some start up issues with the emails.. Just wanted to figure how far along before I jumped on board..time is really flying...

Why weren't prisoners sent to prison hospitals if they had covid? Why were they put onto the streets?

did anyone else notice that the reporters had to bend over to ask their questions? looked like Obama bending over when he met other world leaders...funny

@Debradelai I would love you to ask General Flynn if he would assess what he thought Obamas biggest military failure was.

@Debradelai During your chat with General Flynn...if there is some way you can have that donate button handy to remind people...would love to give him a nice boost to his fund...

To all our Muslim users and friends

Ramadan Kareem!

May your burdens be eased, your prayers be heard, and may Allah receive your sacrifice and grant you joy, happiness and wealth.

TO EVERYONE: GO TO YOUTUBE AND WATCH MICHAEL MOORE'S "PLANET OF THE HUMANS" - IT DESTROYS THE GREEN NEW DEAL, AL GORE, KOCH BROTHERS AND THE REST OF THE LYING SCUM. THE DEMS "GREEN NEW DEAL' IS SHOWN FOR THE HYPOCRACY IT IS. My only complaint is their solution is Depopulation (where have I heard that before?) They do not explore Gen IV nuclear energy which is clean and safe..and truly a way to support the earth's inhabitants.

Is it just me or does it seem like the press is getting less antagonistic...honeltly, they try to come up with hostile questions but the team is doing such a phonmonal job its hard to find things.

I was comparing the sweden/switzerland corona virus stats...interesting that Sweden has an infection rate 1/2 that of Switzerland....but their death rate is twice as much at 10% of the infected cases. So it sounds like the vulnerable population is most impacted by the non restrictive policy...(a possible reason)..

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