Could someone please explain to me why Rep.Collins running for a Senate seat in Georgia is seen as a disaster for the GOP. Claiming it will cost us the House, Senate, Georgia's electoral votes and be bad for Trump..Wow.. @Debradelai Im sure you can shed some light?

In true form:

"This is the guy who passes a silent stinker in the elevator and then proceeds to lecture everybody about intestinal management. You’ll never come back from this one, Mittens. Even your magic pants won’t save you. "

I just got over 30 new followers in the last week, lots of retweets and likes...this is new. Twitter has been dwindling my followers for the last year...and sometimes I would get little action from my tweets. What changed? Have I been released from shadow banning? Definitely something changed. Anyone else notice this?

I so want to win the lottery so my daughter will start calling me every week.

Take it or leave it.

This is the generous offer for a Palestinian state.

If you ask me, way too much.

I have a different take on Romney Rats comment that he wanted witnesses to testify...I think he knows it won't happen and he wants to get out in front that he has nothing to fear from Burisma testimony..

Cat scan ruled out an aneurysm...I do have some issues but not critical...thanks for your prayers and thoughts...

Just heading in for cat scan - had an abnormal chest X-ray...please send lots of prayers..I need them.

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I wanted to add for anyone who might hesitate to join a meet-up because you don't toot often or might feel slightly intimidated...the dinner felt like a meeting of old friends just laughing and swapping stories.

Saul will answer any of your questions with his usual jovial comebacks..lots of laughs. Joe Flynn could not have been nicer.

Now I feel closer to this forum and more motivated to see our future endeavors succeed. And would love to meet many more of you. Sandy

Great evening! Thanks everyone.
Fearless Leader Saul is as delightful as you imagine, and you ought to join him face-to-face should you have the opportunity!

Saul had a veal chop for dinner. Quite frankly it looked like it came from a stegosaurus! He is your consummate storyteller with a lovely bottle of wine. Joe Flynn was the kind a guy you wanted to sit and have a beer with at the bar. If you get a chance to join a Quod meet- I highly recommend it

A special thanks to Saul and Joe and to my new quad friends. A wonderful dinner and conversation.

Arrived at Sarasota QuodMeet - I’m excited to meet @Debradelai and Joe Flynn! And of course all the other tooters that will join me.

Quod meet in Sarasota tonight! Very excited to meet with interesting sane people.

I saw some good folks tooting about our upcoming one year anniversary, January 22nd 2020. Surely a date to celebrate Saul's foresight and determination. My first action turns out to be a boost. Thank you everyday Saul, for keeping the conversation alive.

Really shaken after speaking with my daughter who is having Christmas with her liberal in-laws and Trump haters all..she has become an acolyte of Progressivism..I might has well have been speaking with a bill collector for all the warmth I received. I know I was a good mother so I don't blame myself but it makes me hate the Dems even more for what they have done to families. She and her husband are successful millennials but really miserable. Guess I will live and let live and hope and pray.

I tried to include the link in a tweet to a follower who is frustrated with twitter...Jack wouldn't let me post it..said it looked like it came from an automated spam account! I DM's him with the information and got the same damn message! It would not let me I encrypted it in the message!!!! He thanked me...asshole Twitter...

I think Michelle has been playing a huge joke on the American people...her clothing gets more and more outrageous like a drag queen but the MSM still fawns over her as though she is a fashion trend setter..every day she wakes up and says..give me those orange curtains and lets see what they say about my outfit today...

I can't wait to meet both you gentlemen ...and Im excited to know what Quodvorum plans are for the future....2020 and beyond!

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