Kissinger deserves respect but end of day the guy is 96, his views are drenched in WW2/Cold War, he was Sec of State in 1974 - 45 years ago! - and now all he has is a network of contacts.

HK lives in a pre-Trump world of polite diplomacy and champagne parties. I doubt he even knows what the internet is.

End of day what Henry doesn't get is that if China provokes military conflict with the US or an ally of the US, it's curtains for them.



He sold into the lies (by China thru its spies) in his era that he shouldn't poke the beast while it was waging war with us.

We receive equivalently targeted lies of our era from them during this war. They update their lies regularly.

It's our job to win the war, not lose it.

Remember: the war China wages against us is after invention of nuclear bombs. It has all those facets of design. Stop sacrificing yourself on the Aztec altar by saying "oh how kind of them not to nuke all Earth."

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