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The Conoco exploration camp was at a village called Mocha (pop. ~200).

One day I hiked about ten miles from camp.

Along the way I came to a football field-sized bowl depression. It was filled with what looked like pink snow. When I stepped into it my feet sunk in about a foot.

A few steps in and I froze. Mine were the only footprints.

I backtracked. A geologist went back with me. It was volcanic glass - churned like foam.

I was the first human being to ever step foot there.

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It's like my somewhat overweight girlfriend being the skinny one at Weight Watchers' meetings.

Yeah ok. Their database search function spit out a database error that contained a string that was an index key into the provider I was doing a lookup with. While the provider I was looking up didn't have their doctor show up on the administrator's search engine, their web site says that type of plan is covered.

The pictured doctor is clean shaven. I should go shave.

So far so good making appointments.

But, I logged into the health plan's administrator's web site, which is a well known piece of crap administrator, & it's like they're not even trying: every other search engine I used had all the proper subspecialties listed, but this MAJOR ADMINISTRATOR DOES NOT EVEN LIST THE EXISTING SUBSPECIALTIES IN THE SUBSPECIALTIES FIELD. They ARE NOT EVEN TRYING. Worse, they are likely actively trying to harm me, much like Democrat based health care (Veterans, etc.)

I kept seeing a flash in my left eye last night. Well, Internet says I should check it out. I'm going to see a primary doctor this morning, and hopefully an ophthalmologist right away (this afternoon or tomorrow).

According to the Internet, I have to go for some type of eye surgery. I really hope the Internet is wrong.

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@SpiceOfOurLife all is charged now. Gang turf battles are getting vicious and more frequent by the week, despite all the money being allocated for policing them.

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I just learned, with profound sadness, that @luvmycountry1 , "The Good Brian", passed away in Oshkosh on October 7th last. He was 56 years young.

Brian was one of our first users, and a staunch and generous supporter of this site.

I will miss his sense of humour, wisdom and friendship.

His last toot, characteristically, was one of support and hapiness for our growth.

Gospeed, my friend. Until we meet again.

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@Cdubois @JM @wziminer @watch4thedrop

All medical patients better be very aware!! What could possibly go wrong?? Let me count the ways!!

China is gearing up to supply the world with affordable vaccines that fulfill all efficacy, safety & quality requirements.

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Personally, I'm no where near being tired of winning.

Thanks for sharing the great news!!!

It's a new world. And I'm loving it!!!

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Trump is taking the flak that Turks and Kurds deserve, but he doesn't mind.

The end result is all that matters.

Syria won't be another Iraq.

Things are moving fast now, in all in the right direction.


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The PKK and the Syrian Arab Army have a history of human rights violations.


Neither organization today is what it was in the past.

The greater point is that Trump got the Syrians and the Kurds to unite.

The SYRIAN flag is now being shown. Turkey lost its chance to create a second Ottoman Empire.

And Trump managed it in exactly two days.

His father told me a deputy killed him, and that the government fought doing an autopsy. His father also told me he was living in his van in Alameda county. I don't know any other angle than the above.

Don't sleep in Alameda county. Ever. There's something wrong with the story considering he was sleeping in Alameda county (or they claimed he was anyway).

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So until they reject organized crime and corruption, they need to be walled off.

I have to move from my home of thirty years because there's no quality of life here.

"You should stay and fight!"

No. I need at least five years of me-time before I take my dirt nap.

I fought the good fight, and I lost. So now I leave California forever.

California is Upper Mexico, and I want to live the rest of my life in the United States.


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It's narco music. The subject matter is murder and infidelity.

Our cultures can't coexist. Our values are too different.


Illegal Mexicans become a slave class in the US. Second-generation illegal aliens don't speak ANY language fluently, and they drop out of school.


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