I like these wifi hotspot names near me in a Mexican working class neighborhood in Redwood City in California (full of Democrat road diet and mass high density buildings).

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It is the most painful irony than we need to be reminded of this by that corrupt sociotard.

In Congress no one has the memory or the testicular fortitude to touch that festering wound in America's dignity.

Eric Holder was declared in contempt aaaaand...the book is closed.

It's history. Let's look forward.

And gun trafficking continues to flourish with the complicity of corrupt agents, police and politicians from Vegas to Columbus and El Paso.

A pox on all of them.

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When you name your kid "Jaxtyn," he's not going to have a lot of company.

American non-Muslim names are diversifying, while American Muslim names remain constant.

At some point, "Mohammed" will be the number one name in America because non-Muslims will be naming their boys "Cretacious," "Arf," "Bonaxin," and "Ffffffffffffffff."

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Losing an Ambassador in a terrorist attack in Libya was impeachable.
Lying about a YouTube video in front of heroes' coffins was impeachable.
Sending pallets of cash to Iran was impeachable.
Lying to the country that folks could keep their doctors and plans was impeachable.

Congratulating a new president and asking him to investigate corruption is NOT impeachable.

What makes it inferior? Not much, but it's more than enough:

1. The cultures Spanish has attached itself to are in themselves inferior, and since a language barrier is a barrier to improving your own culture, there is a (not very) loose tie between culture and language.

2. Lesser than #1, but still there nonetheless: due to the inferior cultures, the language itself has adopted a fair number of worse culture influences that make it worse. There's numerous words for "fight", for instance.

Why would any of the many families that already thoroughly speak Mexispanish learn this "gringo" language they even despise?

Pretty simple: they already have (illegal and excessive) interest in USA, and already interact with us in English sometimes. Internet, science, tech are in English. Once the gov gives up Spanish and goes to the world language, the people will not switch right away, and even resist, but after a few generations, the kids' kids won't see a need for an inferior language.

Mexico should adopt English as a first language for its citizens.

Since implementing language can be oppressive, the best method is naturally: stop teaching Spanish in gov schools (but don't forbid it in private schools), translate all laws into English, & hold all gov law sessions in English & not Spanish, with no more Spanish papers, laws, or text, meaning every lawyer would learn English. Conduct all courts in English (translators provided).

In 3 more generations, Spanish will be history.

When there are no national borders, the inferior cultures of other prior nations come to be among us, and spying on inferior cultures becomes a thing of spying upon and suppressing our own people.

Part of being healthy is being able to have one's own territory and communicate with others that have their own territory, at every level, including cellular, person, family, etc. on up to national border. That way we can improve upon things individually and with each other.

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@ThomasWic @traci7874

And yes, it was Rogers who discovered all the 702 unmasking abuse by FBI contractors. :)

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@ThomasWic @traci7874

This is a FACT:

Rogers met with Trump at Trump Tower on November November 17.

This is not in dispute.

THAT VERY DAY Trump suddenly announces he is moving his transition team HQ from Trump Tower to his resort in Bedminster, NJ.


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@ThomasWic @traci7874

The trip Rogers made to Trump Tower was very real. In fact, Clapper and Brennan made up a story about Rogers going there hat in hand to BEG Trump not to fire him as head of the NSA, something Obama was urging Trump to do.

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@traci7874 @drawandstrike

I don't remember what I said, but I couldn't tell you if that trip was real.

We know what Rogers DID do:

He audited the FISA warrant requests and found the irregularities.

And he served for a year longer than is customary.


5 medical emergencies in only 14 minutes

9 in 27 minutes

Don't think you're going to be the only one needing medical attention around 10PM on a Thursday. Plan accordingly. Don't have your emergencies in urgent manners. Prepare by staying healthy and going to the doctor early, and stay away from toxic people.

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Tax credits are nothing more than income redistribution.

As for this: "It's a travesty that we are the only country in the developed world without a policy to support parents and families," obvious fallacies aside, being the only developed country in the world (hover that is meassured) that is not in the clutches of Socialism, ought to be a point of pride.

No, we do not need to copy the failed policies of Euro-Fascism or Socialism.

Government has no business here.

A feature I've wanted for 45 years: for the first time, it partially works:. my work's calendar shows up on my calendar automatically. I don't trust it, though, because it's not peer to protocol based; it's all hosted servers.

The Eucalyptus ruin the environment, burn hotter than cement kilns, drop multi-ton limbs on a regular basis, and are very easy to light on fire. They are a sickness and should be removed.

THEY ARE IDIOTS. Redwood trees aren't something you just trim every year. They last thousands of years by themselves without any landscapers. You simply don't landscape redwood trees. They are natural.

Our power was out for 12 hours.

Government screws up again!!!

The non-native garbage trees they need to remove are those damn Eucalyptus trees that are ruining the environment. 100% of the Eucalyptus trees should be eliminated from California, and all their seeds and roots.

Redwood trees don't shed their branches when they are healthy. Also, they are very hard to burn.

But due to government policy, contractors took off most the branches of some redwood trees. THEY NEVER GROW BACK. They didn't need to be removed.

That kills the trees. One of the killed trees fell on the power lines IN EXACTLY THE WAY THEY SAID THEY WERE PREVENTING. It crossed over the topmost high power lines. Live high voltage power was being conducted through the tree and to ground.

My measurement right now shows almost 4 & 7/8" since I put the container out, so for this whole winter, whose rains started around a week ago.

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