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And don't forget all the sadistic torture horror films.

What's happening IS NOT social justice warriors making everything PC.

Instead, they're trying to condition people to reject warfare IN DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES.

This is why I'm not sorry to see all these franchises fail.

We need to return to traditional values.

The current films are garbage. They die BECAUSE they're garbage.

That which has no will to survive, won't.

Darwinism in action.


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I told you. Strategic deception.

The plan was to trick the Democrats into putting illegal aliens ahead of Americans AGAIN.

And it worked like a charm.

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How do mayors get away with defying/ignoring ICE orders? How do mayors get away with designating their cities "sanctuary cities"? Why does "LAW" mean nothing anymore? 😡

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Doesn't it make sense that we discover today that Playboy Magazine has been considered by the Globalist Establishment to be "legitimate journalism"? Doesn't that just pretty much describe everything going on since 1950?

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1) In the 1980's, I was active in exposing the Liberal curriculum & propaganda in the public schools in Tex & elsewhere. I visited EDS & took stacks of examples of Liberal propaganda that was in the public schools. I left all the docs with an asst to Mr. Perot & was told Perot would review the stack of docs on his vacation. I recd a call from Perot's top exec who asked me if I had time to talk about the docs. After my visit & chat, Mr. Perot became active in public educ!

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Sorry, I went through Hurricane Andrew. If you have never heard the "scream", and never seen concrete block walls "breathe in and out", you haven't been through a real storm.

This calls for must-carry laws to counteract the can't-carry laws:

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The mere idea that we aren't allowed to know what killed someone is ridiculous, and a fast path through which evil can manifest into our society, in my logic of how our society works.

My theory, and sorry if this is not proven, but I've seen many aspects confirmed more and more, but I like your story, because it gives me more accurate information and could adjust my guesses:

Probably him looking like he was going to live was what triggered the murderers to murder him. Total evil. They have mandates to kill us. They start with the easy ones, then keep going, chopping off our people as they go.


That reminds me of many of my coworkers. Horrible inside a family; I wouldn't put up with it.

Re: this:

I learned at a young age to think for myself. It's why I can't find work, and don't get along with people well, and have no friends. It's also how it's easy for me to say no to drugs. I think for myself and can be strong willed when I want to be.

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A disproportionate number of kids who get sex trafficked come from the foster care system.

That's 60% of the sex trafficked kids.

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Actually he made tons of money for Bear Stearns. He was an options trader.

Epstein is a mathematical genius, so he was able to work out the best ways for clients to protect and increase their assets.

He was made a limited partner and then opened his own company.

There's nothing at all mysterious about how he made his money and how he got to know the elite.

His history is out in the open, contrary to what conspiracy theorists claim.

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People are telling you that nobody knows how Jeffrey Epstein made his money.

He's a financial manager who handles clients worth a billion or more.

The reason he was able to court these people is that he didn't reveal their names.

This profile from 2002 shows that he was VERY discreet. Trump knew him and called him a "terrific guy."

My guess is that Trump was already at work. What better way to dismantle a global pedophile ring than to befriend the ringmaster?

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