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The demented leftist ACB 'Handmaid Tale' narrative reveals a lot about the warped ideology of leftist progressives.

In their world, the accession of a supremely talented woman to SCOTUS, which to any normal person is a magnificent victory for women, is somehow a win for 'muh patriarchy'.

They also demean and remove all agency from Barrett, doing exactly what they claim men do to women.

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Richard Grenell (@RichardGrenell) Tweeted:
CNN is non-stop scaring people about Covid.

They never give the percentage of people who get it and recover quickly. It’s politics for them.

It’s not journalism. It’s activism.

Here's a simple way to campaign without them tearing it down so quickly; how many people would google "big guy"?

What were those interesting cups and drinks they had in the video? (The QuodVerum video now.) Those cups seem designed to be shaped for the proper cooking (chemical) reaction.

Trump: Peace in action.


Biden: Piece of "the" action.

All the A speakers were out tonight posting. Wow!

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While VP Biden selling his office is a huge scandal, it is hardly the big internal threat we face as a country.

The real story is right there along side it.

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of sympathizing, enabling, and conspiratorial journalists out there at this very moment working AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Couple that with major social platforms suppressing the story, and you have the very dangerous conditions under which our Republic is threatened.

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I understand what Biden was doing. He's a crook.

He'd be the first one to sell us out to the aliens when they land. I get it. It's about the money.

The danger if a corrupted press is far greater. There's a reason they are called the Fourth Estate.

A free press is critical to exposing corruption and holding officials accountable, when the officials will not police themselves.

Half of our country, or more, gets their worldview shaped by the mainstream media.

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My mother had no idea about NY and NJ Governors ordering nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients, because she only consumes NBC, MSNBC, and the like.

We're in the middle of the biggest gaslighting of the American people ever.

While Levin, Limbaugh, Breitbart and other media alternatives are out there, big tech is effectively burying them.

On the front lines, we have one man. One soldier who takes them to task every day, and they are arrayed against him in an aggressive posture.

So literally what most aware doctors were doing back in December through February (2019-2020). Who woulda thunk? Yeah, every smart and logical person.

I've been saying this since I was in elementary school (1970s). I repeated it in January, February, March, and April (2020). Scott Adams has said it way back then, too (early 2020).


Spread this far and wide:

Traditional keeping grandparents at home with grandchildren is HEALTHY. Locking up grandparents in death camps IS UNHEALTHY.

Do you want to end your life in a death camp? I DO NOT, and I DO NOT WISH THAT ON ANYONE. (I have a lot of problems with baby boomers in SPECIFIC, but in general, all their ideas, including putting old people in death camps, ARE WRONG.)

Long-winded, and most of what we know. I'm not sure it's worth watching even on a Sunday when I did.

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