The Weekly Standard is dead because those who used to pay for it realized we would see through all their globalist lies during the Presidency of Trump; that paper could not survive that stark contrast and bleach of daylight. That prospect on top of the already dwindling support for newspapers caused it to fold almost as soon as Trump started challenging every Socialist no-borders China-First concept pushed forward by The Weekly Standard in the name (but not meaning) of the Free Market.

Why do closet globalists get triggered whenever someone points out how awful Bush or Romney are, and then get mad when we support the best attributes of Trump?

Because they're closet globalists. Some things are pretty simple to figure out when we realize what's going on!

("Globalist" today seems to mean anyone who likes to sell out the idea of improving culture within a nation and self control and liberty of thought, ownership of property, and the independent mindful raising of families.)

Why do you think pants are better than dresses (a newer trend), and yet you also think television is better than computers because computers are "newer than television"?

Why do you think rooting for Football teams is more American and good for the USA than rooting for our assimilated USA culture and citizens? What makes the expenditure of money and time on Football better than the expenditure of money and time on our culture and border?

What intrinsic value of centrally controlled mass one way broadcast global corporations (with offices in Russia & China) is more traditionally USA than anything that came before it AND more traditionally USA than anything that came after it?

Coffee thoughts inspired by my "anything in my childhood is the only way" mom:

What makes you think the invention of television is better or more traditional than the invention of the Internet?

What makes you think television is as traditional as the USA before television?

What makes you think anything invented by television is as USA or more USA than anything invented before television or anything invented with the Internet?

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"Take it easy, lady," he said in perfect English. "We're all getting paid to do this."

Then he winked at Marian and went back to shouting anti-American slogans.

Marian thought it was extremely funny.

She never lost her love of Iran or the Iranians.

She died in 2006. I wrote this in 2013.

Like Marian, I have nothing against the Iranian people.


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When the American were chased out of the Philippines, there weren't enough aircraft or ships to evacuate everybody.

The Americans left behind had to join the Filipinos in the mountains.

But at one air base, a bunch of mechanics cobbled together a flyable B-17 Flying Fortress from all the wrecks.

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My family. They legally migrated here from Germany right after WWI.

They arrived, got jobs, learned the language & educated all their children. Assimilated!

They lived the American Dream. Then came the Demonrats. They took over the city & as they are wont to do, destroyed Baltimore.

Once called “Charm City”, it has been dubbed “murder capital of America” TWICE.

Last Republican mayor left office in 1967.

The communists are setting up to criminalize fatherhood, family, property ownership, men, and supporting freedom within and for USA.

Pictures are taking a while to upload, so I'll keep the first of three attached below. #2 & #3 of three are coming soon.

It's racist to ever question anything Mexican criminals do when they kidnap our citizens and kill them for their own advantage (take a job, steel a home, take over a business, steal tools, etc.).



(See next slide, message, posting, gibbet, tweet, or verility:)

About racism:

I work with people of three different "races" at work.

1 of them was an Affirmative Action hire. He was a TOTAL DISASTER.

Everyone else of every race is relatively capable at the work.

Note the problem: it wasn't the race of the people working; it was the racism of the hiring quotas.

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A U.S. federal judge ruled that the Trump administration is operating within its authority when deciding to separate illegal immigrants who enter the country as family units at the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Appears Judge is as frustrated as we are with the government and their lack of production and answers to their obvious bias in prosecutions.

Federal Judge Orders Justice Department to Explain Why Awan Documents Are Being Kept Secret

Affirmative Action crashed this plane and killed the innocent passenger.

Why hand something valuable to someone you know will destroy it?

There are lots of extremely capable people of all races around; there is no need to hand something valuable to someone who is NOT capable JUST BECAUSE they are incapable and/or of a certain race that you want to be racist about.

Google now bans "non-original videos" on YouTube. Why is this a problem? Because whenever a pro-Trump or anti-communist video is posted and saved by someone else then banned by YouTube, then that video can no longer be posted ever again. That way the work to censor all pro-Trump and anti-communist videos is a tiny fraction of what it used to be. This is yet another in the massive effort to steal our country.

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I'm willing to bet that NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES thinks first of impeachment when they think of Bill Clinton.

In fact, Im willing to bet that impeachment would not make the list of the first TEN things people think of when they think of Clinton.

Clinton's impeachment is effectively forgotten.

It means nothing.

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And President Trump will be able to use this in his campaign. 😆

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