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Kudos to @PressSec Kayleigh McEnany.



As we live through one of the largest scandals in American history, Carlos Osweda gives us a brutal history lesson on one of largest failures of the the Obama leadership—Benghazi.

Obama & Hillary lied & Susan Rice paraded their lies to the Sunday “news”shows & lied to the faces of their grieving families!

We will NEVER forget Benghazi!

"Organizing for Action" should be listed as a terrorist organization and dealt with accordingly.

No single domestic terrorist group has done so much in so short a time to subvert our Constitutional order.



I beg to differ.

It wasn't Van "Crack"'s misrepresentations that led judge Sullivan to look like a fool.

It was Sullivan's own prejudices.

The "foggy one" should not be making apologies for a man who thought his DC cocktail party invitations were worth more than Justice.

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Mussolini, unlike Newsom, was a very intelligent man.

If anything, Newsom should be called "Il Douche".


He is Obama. He has been told every day that he is the Golden One. He has lost his moorings.

The Flynn story is opening the floodgates and Obama's direct involvement is now part of public discussion. This has never happened to him before. He is as much a part of the Leftist pantheon as Stalin and FDR - he is to be worshiped.

He is now terrified - in a panic. He is too vain and stupid to know how he comes across to others.


No question, and everything that is FAILING in our schools is because of BILL GATES.

Do we get any of our MONEY back? Or our CHILDREN'S BRAINS?

He is satan's spawn.
Ha. I've been wanting to write that all day.

General Flynn
Flynn Declaration








The wealthy sister is leftism.

The entire ideology has totally imploded.

It holds no attraction for anybody sane.

And that's a good thing.


Carlos Osweda

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@NYGovCuomo is doing the typical leftist song and dance to try and discredit @realDonaldTrump.

He's bitching endlessly about problems that aren't happening.


"...If I'm elected President...I will do the opposite of what we’re seeing Donald Trump do every day."

And that is precisely why this senile moron will never be President.

Very interesting article by Victor Davis Hanson.

The Psychology of Viral Paradoxes

Reliable information is so scarce, and erroneous news is so volatile, politicized, and often sensational that any analysis is either outdated by the time it is read, or it’s based on conventional wisdom that almost hourly is revealed as fake news.

...It is impossible to understand leftists until one realizes that there is no moral component for them in lying -- to them, lying is merely a tactic to be employed whenever their cause or agenda may be advanced by doing so.

They have no more shame or conscience in choosing to lie than I do in choosing whether to move bishop or knight in a game of chess."

All the hullabaloo about FDA approval for Chloroquine or not is moot.

1. Drug is already approved and readily available. It's being used for malaria and a host of other diseases and conditions.

2. Doctors can prescribe it for Wuhan Sniffles starting immediately.

3. The FDA will conduct it's own tests because a bunch of useless bureaucrats need to justify their salaries with the appearance of work.

4. MSM will try to portray it as FDA contradicting Trump. Fake News.



Watch only White House briefings.

Listen to soothing music you READ articles online.

The sound of hysterical voices will stress you out. Avoid those voices.

Also look for YouTube videos that mock leftists.

A new strain of the Corona Virus has been discovered in Mexico.

The Tecate virus seems to be closely related to the old DosX Malady, a failed chemical warfare project developed by the PRI and the Arizona Mafia to take over California.

Alas, after taking a look at The Streets of San Francisco, they close up shop.

In a press release at the time, the Arizona Mafiosi said Michael Douglas can keep that shit, and the PRI went home and retired from politics.

Alas, Dos X escaped containment.

Carlos Osweda


Only leftists could criticize the president for addressing the country during a period of public and economic turmoil.

Has anyone noticed Brian's new profile picture? @drawandstrike looks fantastic! Healthy, happy and vibrant. Great job, Brian! 👏 👏

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