I'm having dinner with my son in Danville, VA.

As the waitress brought our food, she said: "your meal is paid by another table. They told me to tell you Merry Christmas". As I looked around in astonishment, she added oh, they're gone, you can't even say thank you.

Holy crap. I heard stories like this, but never happened to me.

In the off chance they read this, thank you, and a very merry Christmas to you!

Today, the investigation opened on me by a false police report on 27 November 2018 was finally closed.

That's why Twatter closed my account, but don't expect an apology any time soon.

Someone close to me Swatted me on that day and got the Twatter account closed.

It turns out that, despite the red flag and false report, I only found friends in the Police department.

Now, armed with copies of the incident report, it's time to find a Magistrate to go after the "complainant" and the bird.

STUNNING article by our own Saul @Debradelai on General Flynn.

Just read it. You won't find anything like this anywhere.



"I am not a billionaire, I can't finance my campaign" says the moron on wheels.

Out of 45 Presidents, only one was a billionaire.

Let's face it, Kameltoe, you don't have the money because no-one wants a bitter virago who Baugh her way into politics playing the one-hole flute.

OK, Tooters. This Carpe Donctum ) thread is hilarious. Except for the Daily Beast Antisemitism comment. That was totally real. :);)


(17) It is a great day for ALL of us.

Those who came and still do on the coattails of Don Cristóbal Colón, Almirante de la Mar Océano, whose descendants still carry name and title,

Certainly, I would not be writing this in the mountains of Virginia enjoying a California Cabernet and some Spanish Jabugo were it not for that intrepid sailor, those who supported him and those who followed him in the greatest adventure in the history of mankind.

Long Live the Admiral of the Ocean Sea!


"someone with little faith in the state might take these signs to mean they should buy a few more boxes of ammunition"

Thomas Massie

I started reading this article tongue-in-cheek. But if you can do math, it’s actually a serious analysis, done with just the right amount of dark humor. Worth the whole read, especially if you’ve ever wondered “why does anyone think they need an AR-15?”


@redwhitebluedude @RonOgletree

A retard with ZERO chances who can only screw up other republican races in Minnesota and elsewhere.

Precisely the kind of idiot that needs to be disavowed by anyone with a brain.

Political garbage at its worse.

Excellent piece by Saul on General Flynn's case. It started with falsehoods on General Flynn lobbying for Islamists through Inovo AB. The corrupt press and politicians jumped all over this carnard, with Obama going after him.


Rick Perry believes President Trump is the “chosen one” who was “sent by God to do great things.”

Perry shared his perspective on the president and his mission during an interview with Fox News’ Ed Henry.

“God’s used imperfect people all through history. King David wasn’t perfect. Saul wasn’t perfect. Solomon wasn’t perfect,” Perry said.

With the 2020 presidential election on the horizon and the media poised to play a pivotal role in shaping its outcome, Clint Eastwood serves up the new film, “Richard Jewell.”

Newsbusters cited a review from The Hollywood Reporter, saying that it “savages the mainstream press.”

The review says the film, due out December 13, portrays the media as “reckless, corrupt and immoral.”



We've said it time and again.

A fool's errand that can only destroy the Dimms, just like the Clinton "impeezzment" destroyed Republicans.

The American people do not take kindly to these theatrics.

They will die on this hill.


"We did it.
Obtained permanent self sustaining mode with production of strong excess of electricity, generating more excess of electricity than of heat.
It is a revolution.
We did not violate unity, we just discovered an energy that had not been exploited before.
I am very tired.
Independent parties tests will follow, eventually we will make a presentation."


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