Without the electoral college, THESE people would determine who gets to be president.


Email from James O'Keefe:

"Our latest Google insider hasn’t gone public yet...and Google has already sent him threatening legal letters.
One of the things I admire most about this latest insider is he isn’t afraid of Google.
In fact, after Google’s hostile legal letter, our insider has decided to DOUBLE DOWN.
Tomorrow Project Veritas will publish over 1,000 pages of internal Google documents.
The insider has asked Project Veritas to release it ALL and I have given him my word that I will."

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The American Soldier is unlike any other in the World.
The United States Military & thereby Citizen Soldiers fighting on behalf of all Americans have liberated more people from the clutches of oppression & tyranny than any other thing in recorded human history.

Today was a great day:
1. Trump got $4.5B with the HOUSE support and no Media bashing
2. The Wall just got real
3. Supreme court overruled the DNC hope of gerrymandering
4. Supreme court made a decision, not positive, on census and Trump said he will instruct lawyers to DELAY THE CENSUS AS LONG AS THEY CAN - Trump will win this with new information in the near future

Folks we had a great day today and the Democrats want to give a trans-man an opportunity for a Federally funded abortion.

Oh My.

As Obama coerced the UK (Cameron) to sign up to the abomination known as 'the Iran Deal', Hizbollah/Iran sleepers were stockpiling explosives In London - and MI5 knew, the whole time.

Add this to Obama's shutdown of Operation Cassandra in the US, where Hizbollah was openly laundering money for overseas terror, as well as selling drugs to US citizens.

Just unbelievable. Again - this is not normal. Why was Obama so desperate to do a deal with the mullahs?


Well, didn't take long for the usual suspects to try and take down @HeshmatAlavi .

It all seems so...'Ben Rhodes'. Obama's gang LOVED the mullahs.

We've seen this many times before. The lugenpresse under Obama became decadent and easily bought off by evil actors.

At QV, we are one of the only corners in the world where Heshmat can safely reveal the truth.

His voice is more important than ever. Those remaining on twitter, help him out.

@ThomasWic @Debradelai irancommentary.wordpress.com/2

A variety of state-run media outlets inside are all running pieces against me rehashing what The Intercept claimed about me.

This further proves the orchestrated effort one single individual, all directed by the regime in Tehran.

And it motivates me even further.

Ok folks, it's that time again.

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Remember Joe the plumber? Obama came to his neighborhood and Joe the Plumber asked him a question. Media and Government turned against him like he was a politician disrupting their power.
I think what happened to him reveals how Marxists will use/abuse their power.

An iconic photo, if there ever was one.

A G Barr, patriot, sits pensively on a military transport, no doubt contemplating imminent events he is about to launch that will echo in the Republic for decades, if not far longer.

The photo also reveals a man under 24/7, 365 military protection. It shows the reality of the environment being created by non-stop Democrat/ FakeNews incitement.

I doubt that The Dems will be able to survive what they've bought on themselves. They deserve what's coming.

Every day the Democrats reach a new depth of depravity and lunacy...how can they ever recover to normalcy?

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.