Tonight in Miami they will be celebrating the lone undefeated season in NFL history. Here is an excerpt from "A FLICKER IN THE WATER" on being undefeated. "Neither fisherman🎣 or fish go through a full season undefeated unless you are the 1972 Miami Dolphins🐬"

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Why is your account looking more and more like spam?

Do you have any other interest besides selling your book?

@Debradelai yea I'm interested in the happenings in our country. I support & appreciate all the good America loving Patriots here.


May I suggest you engage more in conversation, then?

It is OK to tell people about your work.

It's not OK to use your account solely (or mostly) to promote product.


By the way, nice endorsement by Muriel. I knew Margot in the 90s. Great gal. Still saddened by her much too early departure.

@Debradelai Yes Margot's story is very sad. I really admire Mariel she has had to carry all the burdens of her family's history & has done a very admirable job.

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