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especially on Veterans DAY: In this world of tragedy & triumph there is one NATION: Above all others worthy the Veterans CELEBRATION:

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From Washington GEORGE to Valley FORGE: The American spirit was LIT: Its light began in the sky to EMIT: From Ulysses S. GRANT: Civil flag PLANT: From the boys fighting in the seas CORAL: They were all so courageous but mostly MORAL: From MacArthur's Philippine RETURN: We would never let them BURN: From the Vietnam jungles to the desert of IRAQ: Many of our heroes can never come BACK: However their American spirits never fade AWAY: They live with us everyday

What do you mean "I can't get a refund" she told me she wanted a fairytale wedding. 🤷‍♂️ WT?

What does "complete and total endorsement" means?

Is it in opposition to "weak and reluctant endorsement?

An endorsement is an endorsement. It does not need a qualifier, much less two or three qualifiers.

Want to spot an insincere cretin? Look for qualified endorsements.

It's a controversial subject for baseball and it's fans, but I say let the man in the hallowed hall. He's given the sport much more than he's taken from it. ⚾️⚾️⚾️

A salute to our troops, especially our coast guard veterans who are there day and night patrolling the seas. Semper Paramus. (Always ready).

From the comments:

@BigIndianPublishing: "Whatever his public persona, Oz has a Harvard undergraduate degree in biology, an MD from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Wharton. As far as brain power goes, he’s probably in the top 1% of anybody in the Senate in the last 50 years."

Tonight in Miami they will be celebrating the lone undefeated season in NFL history. Here is an excerpt from "A FLICKER IN THE WATER" on being undefeated. "Neither fisherman🎣 or fish go through a full season undefeated unless you are the 1972 Miami Dolphins🐬"

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.