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especially on Veterans DAY: In this world of tragedy & triumph there is one NATION: Above all others worthy the Veterans CELEBRATION:

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From Washington GEORGE to Valley FORGE: The American spirit was LIT: Its light began in the sky to EMIT: From Ulysses S. GRANT: Civil flag PLANT: From the boys fighting in the seas CORAL: They were all so courageous but mostly MORAL: From MacArthur's Philippine RETURN: We would never let them BURN: From the Vietnam jungles to the desert of IRAQ: Many of our heroes can never come BACK: However their American spirits never fade AWAY: They live with us everyday

My first review for "A FLICKER IN THE WATER" (Inside The Tales)

My first review for "A FLICKER IN THE WATER" (Inside The Tales)

Available online or or

CONFUCIUS SAY: Super Bowl have problem. More face mask penalties in bleachers than on field of play.😷


To light Olympic torch you must UNMASK flame!!🔥😷

There is no place on earth they would rather BE: Besides a MAGA RALLY: America's Patriots are fed up being fed lines of RUBBISH: Tired they are of suppressing frustrations with words they would like to but cannot PUBLISH: They want their country its founding freedoms BACK: They know for too long it has been compromised shipped overseas out of WHACK: Somewhere over the horizon the dawn of a new DAY: Is UNDERWAY: Its time to seize the moment without DELAY: Lest it forever slip AWAY:

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