Little kids spontaneously started walking from Europe to the Middle East to wage holy war on Muslims.

Thousands joined in, and they were shipped off to Tunisia by child traffickers and sold into sexual slavery.

That was the year 1212. A skoosh more delusional and tragic than the current period. About 30,000 kids were victims.

So don't tell a historian that we're living in the most delusional period in human history.

It makes you look stupid.


"31 million people listened to my CPAC speech online, and it had among the largest television audience of the week, even though it was on cable at 4pm on Sunday afternoon."

That's really all anyone needs to know. If you have the people behind you, the right leader can move mountains.

We won.



And if it passes and becomes law, all I have to say is what Mitch McConnell once said to Harry Reid:

"You'll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think."


With a vengeance.

I was reminded that today is the first day of Women's History Month.

I thought women's history ended with Joe Biden's Transgender Policy.

I'm so confused!

I keep going back to what @ThomasWic said. Too many things don't add up. NOTHING about any of this is normal.


Indeed. And I know that whatever it is, it will be good for America, Americans, and the world.

I have no idea what Trump will do next.

I do know that, whatever it is, there will be absolutely NOTHING his enemies will be able to do about it.

Why do I insist that Trump has a solution?

Because nothing that's happened since the election is NORMAL.

Simple as that.

You ignore or dismiss signs to your own peril. Strange, inexplicable actions MEAN SOMETHING.

Until and unless you research Trump IN DEPTH, you're not qualified to have a relevant opinion on him.

He NEVER surrenders,and he NEVER walks away from a fight.

He promised us that he'd fix all this.

Good enough for me. I can wait.


manipulate the unwashed masses, they’ve got you – you’ve gone down THEIR rabbit hole.

You are in THEIR Wonderland, and they control the illusion.

Once you understand that their game has NOTHING to do with logic, you can avoid their traps and possibly even use it to manufacture your own sound bite or leverage the situation to your advantage.

Any other engagement is a recipe for folly.


And that bait is cast into the water with the sole purpose of providing a Democrat sound bite, or illiciting a reactionary Republican sound bite that can be later pulled out of context, edited, and then spun and circulated by their tag-team MSM partners.

I am convinced that, the vast majority of the time, Democrat leaders don’t even believe their own sh*t, and the second you treat what they say as anything beyond a contrived, bad-faith word salad manufactured to

The frustrating thing for me is to watch Republican leaders (and Republican pundits), over and over and OVER again, attempt to communicate with Democrats “reasonably”.

As a result, they inevitably win the rational argument, and lose the political war.

That’s because they completely fail to recognize the actual game being played. Most of the time that game has NOTHING to do with the facts.

What is being stated is simply BAIT.

I about did a back flip when I read their response to the Democrat's charges against Trump.

It was as much about what they didn’t do as what they did do.

What they didn’t do was BITE. They didn’t attempt to answer the Democrat’s absurd charges.

They simply stated that the charges were a ridiculous publicity stunt - We know it and you know it, and everybody else knows it, so cut the crap and get back to us when you have something serious to say.


This is an observation about Rules of Engagement when dealing with the Left.

Earlier I stated, “It is impossible to have a rational relationship with an irrational person. To "unite" with them is to get sucked into their pathology.”

In this regard, we can all learn a great deal from Trump’s impeachment attorneys, David Schoen and Bruce Castor.

I pains me to say this, but NO ONE KNOWS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN.
We can suspect, we can hope, we can shiver in fear, but we have NO IDEA.
You can do your own research or you can glean Nuggets from those who do but people need to realize the fate of the Nation right now rests upon people who are too ill disciplined to do the most basic things to inform themselves.
It's how we got here.

Remember, for the Left Trump's trial has NOTHING to do with the law.

It is simply a bad-faith opportunity to conduct information warfare to further damage Trump and to continue to build the narrative that all of Trump's supporters are dangerous potential domestic terrorists.

Facts are irrelevant to them unless they can be usefully employed to build their pre-intended narrative.

Should be noted that:

1. Time Magazine published an article with what appears to be full cooperation of the members of a shadowy cabal of super powerful people who conspired together to ‘fortify’ the 2020 Election

2. Marc Elias filed a lawsuit in NY challenging election results that gave a narrow win to a Republican. Elias is alleging – I am not making this up- that Dominion Voting Systems changed votes from one candidate to another, and therefore vote tallies are not accurate.


The Art of the Steal Deal
An Alternate Theory

Which pains me to write about.

It must:
…be Constitutional.
…jibe with REALITY as we see it.
…be something Trump AND Democrats AGREED to.
…result in Trump back in the WH.

Onto the theory...

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