BREAKING: an MSNBC reporter was caught running a red light while following the jury bus in the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

the judge is referring for prosecution and MSNBC has been banned from the court room.


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FYI - when the cop pulled him over, he admitted to being a reporter sent to follow the jury bus.

the judge said his name and his boss's name (from the New York office) at the trial.

I dont remember the two names are, but Im sure we'll be hearing about them later!

@boatgirl The same MSNBC who labeled TX Trump supporters who followed the Biden bus domestic terrorists?

I get the feeling that this judge hates liars cheaters and thugs.
It sure would be great to see the entire shady media being taken out back behind the woodshed for a whipping and we get to watch it in real time. 🀣🀣🀣

@JeanLynch @boatgirl Sounds like it. And it's a saving grace that this court is one of the areas that allows trials to be filmed publicly.

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