How come nobody is mentioning Rush Limbaugh and his Medal of Freedom?

We have some Rush Limbaugh fans here. A very well deserved medal. 👏 👏 👏


I absolutely LOVED the fact that Rush was stunned and humbled by the award. It was one of about a half dozen times during the speech that I found my eyes welling up with tears.

Rush is an American Patriot of the First Order. For POTUS DJT to honor him in this way tells me that our President PAYS ATTENTION to what we, the unsung, unknown and overlooked hold dear. Rush has been OUR voice for decades. This was beautifully orchestrated, perfectly timed, and well-deserved.

@spinmaven @captwfcall @JohnCParnell
Rush Limbaugh with his Medal of Freedom.

Keep up the good fight!👍
I wish him the best with his battle against cancer. 🙏

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