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Reminder....they bring this card in Mexico or they don't vote....they know this and they march against our laws...these are not immigrants..illegal or otherwise...they're criminals who mock the law.... if allowed to.

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RT The stupidity of leftism is shown in the fact that leftists don't comprehend DELEGATION.

Leftists think that centralized control is smart.

Obama ran the most centralized presidency on record.

And HE did GREAT, didn't he?


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1) Donald Trump Jr.
This from the same people that said he was being excessive when he halted air travel from China. As usual the media will let them have it both ways.
It would be nice if someone called them out for this... There is no tragedy they wont exploit.

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Wayne Dupree 🎙Movie camera
WOW! A sea of over 100K people wearing hats! What a sight to behold! Well done, India, well done! 👊🏿

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While renewing my vehicle registration online with the CA DMV, I noticed a link to Census information, and they had a space to submit comments.

I submitted this:

"Why aren't legal citizens and illegal invaders enumerated separately??
Shameful that an activist judge would block this.
Americans have the right to know how many criminals have crossed our border illegally."

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Local police seek federal assistance in death of Obama admin whistleblower

BREAKING: New Statement on Philip Haney Shooting Death by Amador County Sheriff: Investigation Ongoing, No Conclusion of Suicide Yet

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Monday evening about the investigation into the shooting death of Obama DHS whistleblowe...

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@SpiceOfOurLife @MEMA @Lisa22 @Kat @Cdubois

I’m in Michigan. I fly a lot. I don’t dare drive myself to Detroit airport any more. Too dangerous for a white woman alone in the parking lot at night.

I have to catch a shuttle coach now.

Some parts are no go areas even in day light. Dearborne is referred to as Dearbornistan.

Sharia courts are in effect in the mosques. FGM centers still exist.

Rashida Tlaib rules.

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@MarcusJ65 @REX Yes they are. Just look at all the GoFundMe accounts they open. Can't wait till THAT money laundering operation is closed down!

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1. Democratic Party of Crime at work : Yovanovitch gets $1 million + for her upcoming fiction novel.

Money laundering 101.

The hilarious part? These corrupt leftists are so arrogant, they assume that no one can see what they're up to.

Do you remember Michelle Obama's book 'Becoming'? We are supposed to believe that between Nov 2018 - March 2019, it had sold more than 10 million copies.

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Dinesh D'Souza:
I ate meat every day growing up in India. Beef, chicken and pork. Many Hindus also eat meat, as of course do Muslims and others. The idea that Trump is in for a dietary “shock” in India simply reflects CNN’s cultural ignorance
President Trump — whose diet is often a rotation of steaks, burgers and meatloaf — faces a potential shock as he prepares to travel to India, where Hindus are the majority and cows are revered as sacred.

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Nine-year-old boy asks Pete Buttigieg to help him tell the world he is gay too during emotional moment at campaign rally

Zachary Ro, 9, submitted a question which was read out loud at Pete Buttigieg's Colorado town hall on Saturday night in Denver
The question stated: 'Thank you for being so brave. Would you help me tell the world I'm gay, too? I want to be brave like you.'

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Victor Davis Hanson: Never Sanders?

In 2020 if Sanders is the Democratic nominee, the NeverSanders movement will be far larger, far wealthier, far more influential—even as it is likely far quieter—than were the vociferous but anemic NeverTrumpers of 2016.

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California Sues Trump Administration Over ‘Failure to Protect Species’

On Wednesday fulfilling his promise, President Trump signed an order in California to re-engineer the state’s water plans. In a news release announcing the action U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said, “President Trump gave the Department of the Interior and the Department of Commerce clear direction to move forward and provide water to California’s communities and farms.

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