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I believe the polls are worse than they were in 16, and as I watched him say that earlier this evening, I laughed my ass off...

The Trump phenomenon is a massive paradigm shift.馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ


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Here's two interviews with the great @SidneyPowell with Lou Dobbs first & Sebastian Gorka 2nd!

Sidney Powell And Tom Fitton With Lou Dobbs:

What's happening to Mike Flynn? Sidney Powell:

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Donald J. Trump

For years, Joe Biden fought to cut your Social Security and Medicare鈥攁 fact which Joe falsely denied last night. This video (Joe Biden鈥檚 own words) was created by Bernie Sanders earlier this year to expose Joe Biden鈥檚 atrocious record and egregious lies!


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Amanpour is the DNC's 'piss boy' (name that movie馃榿) .

She thinks so highly of her smug-ass she actually said this in regards to the Biden crime family selling out the U.S. to China, the country that unleashed the virus causing the panDemic ,
"As you know perfectly well, I'm a journalist and a reporter and I follow the facts. And there has never been any issues in terms of corruption"

yeah, not a smidgen of corruption.馃檮 Hard to get a whiff over the stench that is foggybottom.

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Adam Housley

Very simple to anyone who attempts to question. DOJ & DNI both verify laptop is legitimate and Russia had zero to do with it. The FBI after seeing contents in November 2019 came back with a grand jury subpoena and took it just 2 weeks later. Nothing has been disproven. Nothing.

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Something that got overlooked. Trump issued an executive order creating a new classification for federal civil service employees to be able to fire those in policy making or advising positions for poor performance or not following orders.

Pissed off the federal labor unions.

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates @REX @JustTheRealNews @hnijohnmiller

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Last night was Biden's own unintended kamikaze mission - except that he landed on the Democratic party instead.

Of course, his whole 'campaign' has been a series of them.

But this was the big one, coming on the day when his vile criminal corruption reached critical mass with the public.

"I will destroy the US energy industry! Yes, I will!"

Here's to FossilJoe - for your ongoing contributions to the GOP.

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While VP Biden selling his office is a huge scandal, it is hardly the big internal threat we face as a country.

The real story is right there along side it.

There are thousands, if not tens of thousands of sympathizing, enabling, and conspiratorial journalists out there at this very moment working AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Couple that with major social platforms suppressing the story, and you have the very dangerous conditions under which our Republic is threatened.

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I understand what Biden was doing. He's a crook.

He'd be the first one to sell us out to the aliens when they land. I get it. It's about the money.

The danger if a corrupted press is far greater. There's a reason they are called the Fourth Estate.

A free press is critical to exposing corruption and holding officials accountable, when the officials will not police themselves.

Half of our country, or more, gets their worldview shaped by the mainstream media.

Folks, enjoyed it! My time is up for tonight, will catch you tomorrow after PT.

Hiden is still a rambling, snarky, smirky, pos, jerk. (I'll stop there)

President is still the best thing that has happened to our country in my lifetime, and we all know that is older than dirt! 鉂わ笍 鉂わ笍 鉂わ笍 President Trump!

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Biden : no more fracking.

He loses Pennsylvania & Ohio.

Biden : no more oil.

He loses the rest of America.

Biden : 'I am going to do x, y and z'
Trump : '45 years in Congress and you did nothing.'

America isn't going to vote for this corrupt jerk.

Joe Biden is a train wreck.

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@stephanieanne I was thinking
of the old Carol Burnett show
where she took the drapes down
and made a dress in a spoof of
鈥淕one With The Wind鈥! 馃槀

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Biden says what's on the ballot is the character of the country: DECENCY, HONOR, etc., Wow, has he met his son Hunter? Or are they both still smoking CRACK?

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>He'd be the first one to sell us out to the aliens when they land. I get it. It's about the money.

"I'm Gaius Baltar, and I approve this message."

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