I have got to go, will try to catch up later - it is going to take a while. Going to have to pace myself.

Will leave you with this little collection. Trying to come up with a "signature" song a little more authentic than Pirates of the Caribbean 😊 Yo Ho Mates.


QUOD FRIENDS, I am back! Just got home from a hospital adventure that started May 19th.

I've joined the Pirate Life!

Developed a bone infection in my L foot, transferred to Little Rock for a wk. became a pirate after losing my left "buddy" of 74 yrs. just below my knee. Then back to Monticello for PT and OT until today when I graduated HOME.

This next year will be a new adventure, a lot of hurry up and wait for my new skill of learning to walk with prosthetic. @ThomasWic words All is well

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So many conservatives on twitter this week, and throughout the internet, running around in circles, carrying on, complaining, having hysterics, giving up (again) and allowing themselves to be upset by the Leftist media's frenzied attacks.

So much advice for the President. Scolding, demanding, lecturing, tearful nagging.

After all of this time and everything he has done, he is still supposed to prove himself.

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@timr @Gmajv

I really DON'T "understand the "frustration and disgust".

Kudlow TODAY said every economic indicator is coming up 5 on 5. Consumer spending up 8.2% May.

Armpits no longer looting and burning. China so desperate they are antagonizing INDIA!

Biden forgot how to tie his shoes and has no campaign teams in battleground states. Pelosi rarely has a sober moment; and Schumer forced to diss a BLACK Republican.

Flynn is kicking butt, and the GOP going after Cuomo et al


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Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has removed the FBI from the duty of election security intelligence briefings to presidential candidates, assigning briefing responsibility to the National Counterintelligence and Security Center.


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Exclusive: U.S. Justice Dept. subpoenas Wall Street banks for small business loans info.

"The U.S. Justice Department has sent grand jury subpoenas to big banks seeking records as part of a broader investigation into potential abuse of a $660 billion emergency loan program to help small businesses hurt by the novel coronavirus, two people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters."

That didn't take long. Almost like they knew this would happen and who'd be doing it.


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Well, well, well... second thoughts?

"In light of the Court's forthcoming Scheduling Order governing the submission of any amicus curiae briefs, leave to file the submission by proposed amici curiae is DENIED. The Clerk of Court is directed not to docket the filing submitted by proposed amici curiae."

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Much against my will, I'll tape another commentary on Sullivan's corruption today.

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i feel like china doesnt need to hack much since chinese nationals work at all of these biotech firms already

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I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Not anymore.

He did not buy Van Grack's canards. He promoted them

He was not made to look like an asshole. He is.

He tirade against @GenFlynn on Dec 18, 2018 was not the confusion of an absent-minded, unprepared judge.

It was the utterance of a biased political hack pretending to be a judge.

Holder, Contreras and Sullivan. The Three Stooges of the law.

Maybe, when this is over, they can open a whorehouse.

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@MEMA @Lydia09

The swampmaisters decided to make a stand here.

They will be veaten back.

If Sidney needs,to go to SCOTUS, she will.

Though it appears he needs a reminder, Sullivan has no choice.

Investigations by judges are a violation of the separation of powers and unconstitutional.

That's why independent councils no longer exist.

These assholes read too much Rousseau and not enough Jefferson.

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WATCH: Actor Kevin James Makes Short Film Mocking Coronavirus Response, ‘Karens’

The short video, titled “Out of Touch,” shows James and another man running and hiding from police cars and helicopters. Before the chase ends, the video flashes to “Six Hours Earlier,” in which the manhunt is “explained.”

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Does anyone mean the meaning of exoneration, anymore?

The moment the truth came out about the criminality of his prosecution and the incontrovertible fact that he committed NO CRIME, he was exonerated and the DOJ withdrew the charges.

This latter day putsch by political eunuchs commanded by a traitor to keep the ball rolling will fail.

"The Watergate prosecutors"

Political whores.

Sullivan lost any respectability. Hes no more than an activist undermining the Constitution.

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He is Obama. He has been told every day that he is the Golden One. He has lost his moorings.

The Flynn story is opening the floodgates and Obama's direct involvement is now part of public discussion. This has never happened to him before. He is as much a part of the Leftist pantheon as Stalin and FDR - he is to be worshiped.

He is now terrified - in a panic. He is too vain and stupid to know how he comes across to others.

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@Debradelai @timr
That lawless pos was always trying to manipulate women into rallying around him.. wonder how he feels now, being taken down by Sidney Powell aka Obama's worst nightmare...I can't tell you how good it feels to imagine his face realizing that a few truly great men stood behind her in a real way...he must feel like his ass is grass and justice is the lawnmower...I just hope the blade is all the way down...

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Obama's decision to record and release that phone call was an exceptionally stupid move.

Full scale panic. He is a gibbering, stuttering, high-voiced, pip-squeak wreck.

That palpable fear is sickening stuff. He denounces General Flynn and has a tantrum about Trump and the virus, clucking and simpering.

The wind has changed. He is on the run and has never been told No, or held accountable, in his whole worthless, useless life

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