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WARNING: Last night, Biden effectively added this as a symbol of domestic violent extremism in DVE profiling by the DHS and FBI

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I told my husband last night I never ever thought in my wildest of dreams (or nightmares) that the president of these United States would call me a threat to my own beloved country yet, here we are!

But, I guess, this is what we can expect from a fake president and a fake administration.

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I feel sorry for those two great Marines that had to stand there as part of the decoration. Marines that have fought for our Country, became stage props.... Disgusting!

Curious. After last night's speech, if I wear my MAGA hat in public, will I be arrested?

CIRCA 1963: Communism’s 45 goals were read into the Congressional Record by Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr., (D-Florida), in 1963. These goals were gleaned from the testimony given to Congress by scholars and from the writings of current or former Communists.

Take note of No. 24 - 28.

Next week could be turbulent.

From their website:

"Take to the Streets In A Week of Resistance: May 8 – May 14

On campuses, in workplaces, on social media, in the arts and the sciences, out in the streets, everywhere...

Raise your voice and raise hell!"

and . . . UPS donated to this organization.

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I’m pro choice.

Pro choice of where to live and for states to decide what laws to pass.

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Did Jumanji recuse herself because she doesn't know what a woman is?

I’m tired of the chaos narratives. Life is beautiful and God is Grand. Let me be.

Just remembering this question:

“I still want to know WHO ordered the stopping of ballot counting in 5 states - simultaneously.”

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So when Obama discussed the 2016 "Russian hacking / election interference" with Biden, Yates, Rice, and Comey...

his directive to do things "by the book" meant Rules for Radicals

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My gas bill for my summer home, $2200. Twice from last year. Approximately 2 months. Heat is set at 55 decrees. No one is there. And all the pipes are drained.

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@bethlouise Feel your pain. We keep our home so cold that we can store meat and cheese....yet our gas/electric bill doubled from last year while our usage was less!

Just received $700 electric and gas bill for 31 days. I keep the building at 65 degrees during the day. 62 degrees at night.

I miss President Trump. He protected hard-working AMERICANS. Where are the good guys?

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5) I’m going to support Donald
Trump whether he runs for
POTUS, or whoever he endorses.
The Bidet adm. has me fighting
mad, and I am working with the
local GOP to get mayors and
school board members with a
conservative record. FJB and
his minions; I want better for
my grandchildren than the vision
he is presenting. Okay rant over.


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