If there’s anyone looking for an outdoor fire pit, the solostoves work really well. Very little smoke because of the secondary burn. It beats surfing the Internet too.

I spent a few hours today rehabilitating my neighbor’s horseradish patch. Dug up about 1/3 of it and replanted the roots while adding 2 buckets of horse manure to the soil and some wood ash. It’s a very healthy food, lots of benefits and it’s easy to grow.

The stuff you dig fresh is way more potent than store bought.


@Tatonka @Kentuckyman They’re probably celebrating from Heaven. Happy that the things they fought for are finally coming to fruition. We can’t have paradise until we get rid of the bad. The two can’t coexist.

Epstein getting arrested is a huge turning point. Once everything involved with him is exposed, lots of people will wake up.

Thank you for your family serving.

Fireworks, they are a bummer. My dogs just shake.

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I got the blade adjusted on an old scythe so I can cut my backyard without the drone of an engine. It’ll have to wait until this little guy moves.

@capnjoe I haven’t forgotten about that fishing container pouch. I’m going to draw it up on graph paper because pictures really don’t cut it.

It’ll be interesting to see where this trial ends up. There’s no way to live peacefully with these people, they have no morality.


Every time I see something like this I just think of money laundering.


And a picture of Mr. Koons.

@capnjoe @ThomasWic Yep. I was deployed in Anbar Province in 2007, Navy EOD. It’s pretty easy to make IEDs.

The hardest ones to find were old olive oil cans filled with smokeless powder with a small black button that looked like a rock as the firing device.

Marines always walked into the desert where they were instead of staying on pavement. One night a guy found one by accident with his boot, traced out the dirt and didn’t set it off somehow.

God’s out there Joe.

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Asking for prayers. My 41 year old daughter, Katherine, is in the hospital receiving emergent care for blood clots in her arteries. Will be transferred tonight to UTMB in Galveston tonight to determine appropriate care. Thank you.

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You know what THAT is called?

"A giant red flag."

Or "the mother of all red flags."

Only molesters or facilitators says that.

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I told you that in a mass shooting, put your faith in God and attack.

Abdul Aziz did exactly that.

The mass shooter dropped his gun and ran.


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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.