San Antonio Contractor's Story

Your tools will be stolen if you leave them longer than an hour.

You can buy your tools that were stolen last week at a deep discount when you prove they were yours.


If you call the police when your tools are stolen, they might end up with the original owner.

Harbor Freight makes tools that last for one job.


No one steals Harbor Freight tools.

Except meth heads and kids.



The price doubles when permits are mentioned. You can't do it anyway, so you if sub out you make no money.

If the job involves asbestos, make sure you hire a crew with no English.


Never lie about being licensed and insured. If you were, you would not have been called in the first place.

After you prove you suck at drywall, painting, framing, finishing, concrete and tiling, you can still get hired to haul trash.


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