The other day I said I don't kill spiders, but I did just kill a black widow in the mailbox.

@bbhack FB will notify the person that they’ve been tagged. “Wrong person” then proceeds to remove the tag. Happens to me all the time. Just don’t tag in the first place.

@bbhack maybe a website that people can run their photos through that they can easily make composite faces in so none of the faces are real either. 🤔

Here's a hint. When Facebook wants you to ID a person in a photo, put the wrong person.

How can you sabotage the "data state?" If you can't prevent it, and you think it's a bad thing, sabotage is what you must do. How?

What's the name of the tactic, where, being accused of something little, to deny something big?

"Imagine" is a beautiful but stupid song. Or maybe there's a level that I'm not getting. John Lennon was not a fool.

More utter insanity by the crazy Dems. In this case, Jay Inslee.

'The focus groups say Rapinoe would be a great ambassador for America overseas, Mr Inslee. Promote her!'

We are seeing a series of spectacular, public self-owns by Dem candidates. Buttplug, Spartacus, Creepy Joe and the others are a being led down paths to political oblivion.

I'm with @ThomasWic - someone inside is advising these fools to self-destruct. Trump's people have infiltrated the entire Democratic apparatus.

@stephanieanne @REX

The Judas goats outdid themselves.

These women are far stupider than I knew.


First off, I typed this up before I just wrote it. I didn't want to miss anything, so it'll get it tooted out pretty quickly. Anyway:

Many were sharing their stories about drugs, etc. I only mentioned my brother was an addict and the drugs took his life. I thought I’d share the whole story.

First off, this December will be 16 years since my brother died. He was 27.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.