KMcC gave Tucker access to 44000 hours of J6 video. Tucker's team spent about 2 weeks, did a report, and then BAM, Tucker is off Fox News.

KMcC could have put that video in the public's hands, but he did not. I cannot think of one good reason why a stand up patriot would not do that.

Maybe some of my homonym slips actually worked, if even clumsily.

Wow, sorry about the homonym slips. I do know usually what words mean.

His excuse may be that he did not know, and I except that, and I also except his style that he can never admit defeat and apologize. We that analyze things want to know. The MAGA movement is strong, so that is something, and the institutionalized fraud may be the end, or it may see its end. There are places in the US where the institutionalized fraud will never cease. I don't know what to say about that, except, maybe, bye. /end

At this phase Trump is quiet on many issues because he knows this is going on. He knows because I know, and he's smarter than I. And I still have major issues on mRNA, warp speed, death by ventilator, etc. But the one issue he really owns is mRNA, and then, he was never involved in the totalitarianism.

As the anarcho-commie-marxist-whatever go after DeSantis, they have to soft-pedal or even support Trump. You see it. It's weird. It's because they don't think things through to the end.

So I have about 15 things that I'm not at happy with Trump about. Does any of that matter?

How many stupid things Trump has done or left undone are bait? How does that work? Well...

least beatable. And they don't care because they have perfected the fraud machine, and we have found out in the recent years that judges, the ones we used to depend on for last resort, are cowards and grifters like the rest.

When you have perfected the fraud machine, would you not want the strongest opponent available, just like in sportsball? The fans want the action. A few weeks ago, the theory was they wanted Trump because he was the primary fave and the most beatable. I think it's because he is the ...

The communists "know" that Trump is easier to beat than any other MAGA-lite whomever, even if the opponent turns out to be Sponge Brain Shit Pants. But is that the case? Why do they care, with institutionalized fraud in place? What would it matter?

Trump knows the communists are going hard after DeSantis, so that Trump will be the nominee.

How is that influencing his actions at the moment? You think some of his weak positions are bait?

Be not just for diversity, but for bio-diversity. Because these new sojourners are not just diverse, but because they bring all sorts of bacteria and viruses that the natives have long been vaccinated against. That's vaccinated, as in before they changed the definition of vaccine. MMR. DTP. Tetanus. Pneumonia, TB, polio - you get the idea.

"I don't wanna know how, just why"

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When you make known the fact that someone shat himself, that is called "shat faming."

I think Putin is using this to further humiliate president shitpants, which is a tall order.

Russia GDP per capita is $10000. Ukraine is $3700. Not only is this punching down, it's annexing the slums.

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