Be not just for diversity, but for bio-diversity. Because these new sojourners are not just diverse, but because they bring all sorts of bacteria and viruses that the natives have long been vaccinated against. That's vaccinated, as in before they changed the definition of vaccine. MMR. DTP. Tetanus. Pneumonia, TB, polio - you get the idea.

"I don't wanna know how, just why"

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When you make known the fact that someone shat himself, that is called "shat faming."

I think Putin is using this to further humiliate president shitpants, which is a tall order.

Russia GDP per capita is $10000. Ukraine is $3700. Not only is this punching down, it's annexing the slums.

Use Brave Browser for now.

Not Chrome. Not Firefox. If that's too hard then just get in line.

Learn as much as you can about the metaverse, so you can properly reject and refute it.

Virtual reality is very cool, so it's very seductive. There is nothing wrong with virtual reality, only what's wrong with the tech billionaires. They are evil.

If you can't avoid being surveilled, try to make the data they get erratic.

The difference between a nazi and a communist at the basic level is the uniform.

Teachers in Texas were at one time scared to quit an untenable situation for fear of being blacklisted by TEA. I think the blacklists are a thing of the past.

New district: "Violated last contract? NP. Sign right here. Non-binding, of course. welcome aboard."

I think Dan Crenshaw is an example of what happens when you don't have friends who walk you back from the ledge when you get too close.

HEB thinks if they put vegetables in plastic boxes, people will pay 8X for them.

To the tune of Frère Jacques.

Vigilante, Vigilante,
Are you armed, have your arms?
Did you hear the screaming, did you hear the gun shots?
Time to roll. Time to roll.

Someone recently said "Jeff Zucker must go."

NO. Jeff Zucker must STAY until the CNN viewer numbers are 5 digits. We can hope for 4 digits.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.