I was expecting a hostile crowd at CNN's Trump Town Hall, but the crowd seemed to be 100% MAGA!

How'd that happen? Couldn't CNN get any TDS people to attend?

Spontaneous Thoughts.

Speaking of Greenfarts, I am willing, ready and able to join your crusade.

Just one condition.

You will declare, signed in (your) blood, that when you find yourself or your loved ones in an emergency, natural causes or not, you will not accept any help until every step in the process of delivering that help to you is powered by non-fossil fuel energy, directly or indirectly.


Riddle me this. If gas was 2.50 a gallon then went to 5.00 a gallon back to 4.60 a gallon in what universe are you saving money.

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Van Jones, whose political career is predicated on having bedded Jimmy Carter' niece (yes, the heiress to the Billy Beer empire) was forced to resign as Obama's Green Czar when it became known he was a card carrying Communist.

Yep, a proud member of the American Communist Party.

And there's more...

In a recent interview Boris Johnson said it's Putin's "Toxic Masculinity" that made him invade Ukraine.

I don't think it's quite that simple.


Yeah, being a Never-Trumper while trying to get the GOP nod is Proof of Idiocy on it's face. I'm just glad they're self-vetting, these morons.

Jordan Peterson is on fire! ☄🔥
Watch "Twitter Ban" on YouTube



Jordan Peterson is NOT a conservative by any stretch. But the left has abandoned so very much of what used to be considered Common Sense (things held IN COMMON BY ALL, independent of ideology) that the conservative tent has automagically expanded over him and millions just like him.

There’s a saying about the danger of making people who want to be left alone get involved.

You’ve made us get involved.

So all of it, from here on out, is squarely on you.

Enjoy the whirlwind you have so deservedly reaped.

Hunter Bidet said "I know I'm better than my dad because he's told me I'm better than him since I was two years old."

This is a SICK thing to tell a kid at any age, much less at age two!

No wonder Hunter's an ULTRA-NARCISSIST.


And it's a national security matter, because military aviation sure doesn't run on electricity. Nor does other military equipment, much as the Democrats may wish for it to.


I never thought in this great Country that someone as stupid and who hated America like Biden would ever be given the power to destroy us.

We must take a sacred oath to do all we can to never allow it to happen again, IF we ever get out of this!!!!

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I thought we were in the midst of the greatest economic recovery of all time.

Today's Trek Toot.

An entertaining and amusing look at KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!



May 2018: Chuck Schumer stands in front of a gas station and says $3.89/gal is too much, demands Trump "stand up and do something"


Yes, it was 6-3.

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that immigrants cannot band together in court to challenge immigration policies.


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