Am having a ton of people flood me locally on emails, texts, DMs and also great and varied feed-ins here on Quod.

Perspective. Deep cleansing breath.

Again, to everybody else down in community trenches.. You folks have rocked it.

Perspective standing back... is that broad conservative complacency happened over generations, while Ds continually built up those same decades via community organizers.



We are turning that tide. It will not happen quickly after those decades - waking up and encouraging and inspiring locally for action, not just armchair quarterbacking and kvetching. Keep it up. Keep it up.

We are the forefront of changing this. Even if it ain't all roses and puppies now. 👍 ❤️

Look at your long game perspective.

3/3 follow on...

A lot of conservatives do not practically know WHAT to do that can fit into their daily lives. Let the examples and ideas from folks navigating multiple and different channels from different angles flow, so the inspiration gets out. And amplify real practical solutions in family and community conversations (we have a lot to learn, but build on what has been worked on locally). Again, Ds are master community organizers for decades. We are not, so let's work it from where we are.


It took a sh*t ton of time and effort on my part, but because we had too few Republican humans show up to take advantage of the training and involvement and, where necessary for role, certification. Some on DMs scream at me why did Trump not organize this. What? This is on us, 100%. Organization and training WAS there, if not looked for.👀

Am encouraging, welcoming the kind of involvement that our forefathers and their wives were into before the shit hit the fan. A little "in" goes far.


I appreciate you getting in the trenches, committing, and sharing your observations.

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